Once Upon A Time #3.4 Promo: “Nasty Habits”Once Upon A Time #3.4 Promo: “Nasty Habits”
Promo trailer for the Once Upon A Time episode Nasty Habits Once Upon A Time #3.4 Promo: “Nasty Habits”

We’re assuming that ABC will release an official description and hopefully some images early this week, but for now, all we have so far from the October 20 episode of Once Upon A Time is a trailer that aired after this week’s show.

LANA PARRILLAThe Oct. 20 episode of Once is called “Nasty Habits.” Whose nasty habits are they referring to? Guess we’ll have to watch the episode and find out!

If you’ve just seen this week’s episode of Once Upon A Time, which was called “Quite A Common Fairy,” come talk about it on the KSiteTV Forum! Also here on the site we have posted several Once interviews which you can find here.

Here is that promo trailer:

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