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Images and a trailer or the March 18 episode of Once Upon A Time Next On Once Upon A Time: “Heart Of Darkness”

Now that “Red Handed” has aired on the East Coast, ABC has aired a promotional trailer for next week’s episode of Once Upon A Time, which is called “Heart Of Darkness.”

In the episode, Mary-Margaret is arrested by Emma for the suspected murder of David’s wife, and in “fairy tale land,” Prince Charming has to stop Snow White from killing the Evil Queen. Really makes you wonder if Snow White is all that good, if she’s going around wanting to kill people, eh?

Also in this episode: Mary Margaret hires a surprising attorney, and Snow White’s memories are still cloudy.

Here’s the promo:

In addition, ABC has released images from the episode which you can find below:


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“Heart Of Darkness” airs Sunday, March 18 on ABC. If you have just seen this week’s show, “Red Handed,” come talk about it on our Once Upon A Time forum!


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