Ginnifer Goodwin & Josh Dallas on Tonight’s Once Upon a Time FinaleGinnifer Goodwin & Josh Dallas on Tonight’s Once Upon a Time Finale
Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas talk about their return for the Once Upon a Time series finale. Ginnifer Goodwin & Josh Dallas on Tonight’s Once Upon a Time Finale

The journey of Once Upon a Time comes to an end tonight with a story called “Leaving Storybrooke,” and among the many faces returning for the final episode are Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas as the show’s “Snow White” and “Prince Charming.”

Goodwin and Dallas are married in real life and now have two children, so to suggest that being a part of the series was impactful to their lives may be an understatement. As such, the actors saw it as an “easy decision” to return for the finale.

“It was such an important show for us and our life, and for our fans. It was a no-brainer. We couldn’t wait to go back,” Dallas said to us on the Once Upon a Time series finale red carpet event.

“Our presence in the finale is very old-school,” Goodwin teases, which makes us want to see the series even more. The finale will even include a slightly older baby Neal, son of Snow and Charming.

Both expressed gratitude to the fans who have stuck with the series for so long.

“Thank you Oncers! We couldn’t have done it without you, we wouldn’t have done it without you. We did it for you,” Goodwin said.

“Oncers, you are so passionate, you are so smart, and thank you so much for allowing us to tell these stories and coming along the ride with us. Thank you,” Dallas added.

You can see video of our red carpet interview below. Sadly, the audio quality isn’t the best, and we apologize for that. More interviews with Once Upon a Time cast can be found here; photos from the series finale can be found here.

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