Best In Snow: Ginnifer Goodwin On What’s Coming On Once Upon A Time Best In Snow: Ginnifer Goodwin On What’s Coming On Once Upon A Time
Ginnifer Goodwin talks Once Upon A Time Season 2 Best In Snow: Ginnifer Goodwin On What’s Coming On Once Upon A Time

All good things must come to an end, and sadly, that means this is the last of our Once Upon A Time interviews from the Comic-Con 2012 press room.

On the bright side, some bad things also come to an end, and one of those bad things is the curse that made the people of Storybrooke forget their fairy tale identities. We caught up with Ginnifer Goodwin for a roundtable discussion about what is going to happen next. Spoiler Warning!

“Everything’s going to change,” Ginnifer hints. “They really will remember everything, I mean, to the best of our knowledge, from this point forward. They will now have to reconcile these two different characters, these two different lives that they’ve lived… and now we will be playing the amalgamation of those characters that we played before. We’ll also be portraying the separate characters in flashbacks. But I think what is going to happen this season will be just truly as titillating to the audience as it was last year; it’s just for completely different reasons.”

“No matter what, Mary-Margaret will always be a part of Snow White, but she is ultimately Snow White,” Goodwin answers in response to whether or not the meek schoolteacher will be more bold against Regina in Season 2. “Snow White is her true identity. As Mary-Margaret is now integrated into that Snow White-ness, it will affect our Snow White, but she definitely will be far more empowered than Mary-Margaret was, and therefore, yes, she will have a far stronger stance against Regina.”

Could that mean she’ll go out for revenge? “I have thought a lot about revenge, because, me, Ginny – I would be full of so much hate and so much anger and resentment towards Regina, but the thing about Snow White is that, in some ways though flawed, she is so good.”

“We came to a point last year where Snow White was fighting the knights, and the stunt coordinator and the director told me to slit one of the soldiers’ necks, one of the necks, and I said ‘I just realized, I’m making a decision right now that Snow White doesn’t kill anybody. That doesn’t make sense! It just doesn’t fit with who we’ve created, and I can’t imagine Disney would want me to kill anyone either!’ I think that Snow White thinks that everything, in the end, that justice always has its day, and that people are punished without there being a need for too much violence. Right will always win, good will always win, and so I don’t think she would necessarily take the sword to Regina’s house, but we’ll see,” she says.

Several questions also centered on how the Emma and Mary-Margaret relationship will change now that they know they are daughter and mother. “It’ll change drastically, for a lot of reasons,” Ginnifer teases. “One is that these women were each other’s first best friends. They were both loners to a certain extent, and didn’t really let anyone in, even though it was for different reasons. And now, they’ve each lost their best friend. They don’t really have anyone to confide in about their relationship now, because they would have gone to each other. And also, I think that while there’s going to be so much relief at their having basically found each other, there are complications due to the fact that they’re now all the same age, and that Emma’s parents are fairy tale characters that she’s been very familiar with her whole life.”

“I would imagine there’s going to be resentment on both ends. There would have to be, because of choices that were made, and the fact that they each lost their first 28 years of love,” she continues.

And what will Mary-Margaret/Snow think when faced with the realization that with Henry, she is now a grandmother? “She doesn’t even know how to be a mother,” Goodwin admits. “[Last season] we tried to infuse some moments between Emma and Mary-Margaret with a sort of maternal tone. We did things, like Mary-Margaret was always trying to feed Emma. She was always doing things like folding her laundry, and she would be worried about her staying out; the little day to day things that I think mothers and daughters experience. But it is interesting that she’s never had any parenting experience at all in any ways. She’s been, in some ways, raising other peoples’ kids as an elementary school teacher, but she now realizes she has an extended family and there are multiple generations, and she’s never even had a day of holding one of her own babies,” she says.

Once Upon A Time Season 2 begins September 30 on ABC, and hopefully before that time comes, KSiteTV’s dedicated Once portal will be up and running… follow @OnceSite on Twitter for more updates on that progress. Our thanks to ABC and the Once cast for arranging these interviews!


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