Advance Review: Once Upon a Time “The Song in Your Heart” Advance Review: Once Upon a Time “The Song in Your Heart”
Advance review of the Once Upon a Time musical episode "The Song in Your Heart" Advance Review: Once Upon a Time “The Song in Your Heart”

The long-awaited Once Upon a Time musical episode with the “Captain Swan” wedding arrives tonight on ABC, and, as the title implies, the song will leave you with a “Song in Your Heart.”

So, how is it?

The best parts of the episode involve original musical compositions by Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner which work from a number of inspirations. Snow White and Prince Charming (Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas) deliver some pure Disney-inspired goodness, and the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) has a number straight out of David Bowie or something. Even better is a scene where those two compositions converge against one another; two musical styles, somehow pulled off seamlessly.

I was also quite amused that Mark Isham’s Once Upon a Time score came into play — complete with lyrics!

As the producers have promised, the musical does follow the show’s current storylines — it’s not a filler — though for those who have jumped off of the Once Upon a Time train, that means there may be a little confusion as to, say, who the Black Fairy is. While it’s nice to see the show’s core cast all working together against her (all but Rumple, at least), a lapsed viewer may feel alienated. What I do like, though, is the return to form of Emma being the Savior, hearkening back to Season One. I also like that some faces we don’t always see on the show every week came back for this special event.

There are pictures to show that yes, this is the episode where there’s a wedding. Whether you ‘ship “Captain Swan” (Emma and Hook) or not, there are some good and touching moments, showing that if the show might be near its end, at least many will be satisfied. But I can’t stand by without mentioning the fake clock tower in the room…. most of the wedding/reception takes place in a horrible, horrible CG-background setting. We’re talking Once Upon a Time in Wonderland level bad, people. While I understand the creative choice to have the wedding take place where it does, the bad CG took me out of the moment, and might have been better left avoided.

On the bright side? The music is great, and the episode will leave fans salivating for next week’s season finale. So, there is that!

Once Upon A Time “The Song in Your Heart” airs tonight (May 7) at 8PM ET/PT on ABC. Take a look at some photos, clips and more extras here and come join the countdown and discussion on our Once Upon a Time forum!


Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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