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Adam Horowitz Reveals The Once Upon A Time Season Finale Title

Sometimes the best spoiler leaks are episode titles, because they give a hint as to what might be within without giving away any significant plot details. They're almost better "teasers" rather than things that actually spoil or ruin things.

Fans of Once Upon A Time today have been greeted with a Twitter treat from Executive Producer Adam Horowitz revealing that the first season finale of Once will be called "A Land Without Magic."

Here's what he tweeted from his @AdamHorowitzLA account:

Our #OnceUponATime season finale title: "A Land Without Magic" -- so excited for y'all to see it!

And with that, the speculation can begin. (Do you have thoughts? Come by our forum!) Look for the Once Upon A Time season finale to air on ABC on Sunday, May 13.

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