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A Once Upon A Time Spin-Off For The Mad Hatter?

Here's one of those stories you didn't expect to read: Deadline is reporting that ABC executives are considering spinning Once Upon A Time's "Mad Hatter" character of Jefferson into his own series, with a catch: Sebastian Stan, who has played the role for several episodes already, will not be available, so they'd have to recast.

According to Deadline, this new Mad Hatter's spin-off could come as part of a "backdoor pilot" episode of the regular series, much like The Vampire Diaries is doing with The Originals; or, a pilot presentation may end up being shot.

You can read Deadline's full report here.

Personally speaking, spinning off from Once Upon A Time seems a little Jack Of Fables to me... and do we really need the Fables comparisons to come up again? How about this: Instead of recasting with the Mad Hatter, keep Sebastian Stan, and get him on a Winter Soldier TV series. You know you want it, and Marvel surely would too.

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