Odd Mom Out Photos and Sneak Peek: “Homo Erectus” Odd Mom Out Photos and Sneak Peek: “Homo Erectus”
On the next episode of Odd Mom Out, Brooke experiences cold feet at Lex's upcoming Mars mission, while Simone reveals her unexpected true love. Odd Mom Out Photos and Sneak Peek: “Homo Erectus”

When Lex lost his job as a result of the financial scandal, he was left wondering where his left could go next. He was used to being the primary breadwinner in his family and leaving an industry you’ve become established in for the unknown instills a level of fear that Lex wasn’t familiar with. Be it from hubris or ignorance, Lex has never really been shaken like he was during his post-finance walkabout, which makes his decision to go on the MarsX mission all the more important. This allows him something to focus on while Brooke continues building her brand and the opportunity to do something he’s passionate about instead of something purely for the paycheck. But what happens when the time to actually leave the Earth’s atmosphere rolls around?

On the next episode of Odd Mom Out, Brooke finds herself feeling cold feet about Lex going to Mars. Initially, she assumed that the Mars opportunity was a dead-end fantasy that her husband was chasing; he would get to fulfill that nagging “what if?” in the back of his head and when he was rejected, he could then go about finding something else to do with himself. She never anticipated that Lex would not only make the first cut but find himself as one of the Mars Nine, those who will conduct a dangerous mission where, until recently, it wasn’t known if their craft would be able to land without blowing up. On the one hand, Brooke wants Lex to follow his dreams like she’s been doing with her brand; the amount of fame he gets from being roped into the Mars Nine doesn’t hurt, either. However, on the other hand, she loves him and vapid and self-centered she may be, the possibility that he might not make it back doesn’t sit well with her. But what can Lex say to make her more comfortable with the idea that the two might not seen one another again if the mission goes awry?

Elsewhere on Odd Mom Out, the family’s annual sleepover at the Brewton Museum of Natural History leads Simone to realize her unexpected true love, Vanessa to surprise herself, and Andy to realize he’s been chasing the wrong girl all year.

Odd Mom Out airs Wednesdays at 9:30 on Bravo.

How will Brooke handle Lex being in space? Who could Simone’s true love be? In what way will Vanessa surprise herself?


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ODD MOM OUT -- "Homo Erectus" Episode 309 -- Pictured: (l-r) Erin Gerasimovich as Hazel Weber, Andy Buckley as Andy Weber -- (Photo by: Christopher Saunders/Bravo)

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