Odd Mom Out Photos and Sneak Peek: “Candle in the Windbag”Odd Mom Out Photos and Sneak Peek: “Candle in the Windbag”
On the next episode of Odd Mom Out, Brooke comes up with a questionable new charity, while Jill reaches her breaking point with Candace. Odd Mom Out Photos and Sneak Peek: “Candle in the Windbag”

The Ernie Krevitts scandal that (mildly) shook up the Upper East Side gave Brooke the opportunity to fully embrace being financially self-sufficient. Part of the motivation for starting her company was that she wanted to be able to stand on her own without Lex, that if things were to go south between them again, she would have a fallback to make the transition to single life easier. Hercules being gutted might’ve forced the Von-Webers to cut back a little on their staffing, but things aren’t as bad as they could’ve been because of Brooke’s company being there to take up the slack. With things looking up thanks to India’s interest in the handbags, how will Brooke focus her energy next?

On the next episode of Odd Mom Out, Brooke brainstorms ideas for how Von-Weber can give back to a community so desperately in need. The frontrunner? Provide Her, a charity focused on teaching impoverished women how to make luxury handbags. Though Brooke’s heart might be in the right place, as she wants other women to feel the same satisfaction she felt standing on her own two feet, this idea is less of an altruistic gesture to the less fortunate and more well-disguised slave labor meant to build her company for very little cost. The onus is now on Devon to talk Brooke down from implementing something that is a powder keg of bad publicity, bad publicity that Von-Weber doesn’t need now that Brooke is shouldering the load and they might’ve found a way to make up for recent losses through India’s endorsement.

Elsewhere on Odd Mom Out, Jill makes a drastic move to get Candace out of the apartment once and for all, while Vanessa begins feeling the sexual frustration that comes with long distance relationships and Lex deals with the loss of Hercules and the fallout it cause in his personal life.

Odd Mom Out airs Wednesdays at 10:00 on Bravo.

Will Devon be able to stop Brooke’s Provide Her charity from getting off the ground? How far will Jill go in order to rid herself of Candace? Could the distance between her and Graham eventually prove too much for Vanessa?


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ODD MOM OUT -- "Candle in the Windbag" Episode 302 -- Pictured: Joanna Cassidy as Candace -- (Photo by: Christopher Saunders/Bravo)

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