Odd Mom Out Season Finale Photos and Sneak Peek: “Blood Bath” Odd Mom Out Season Finale Photos and Sneak Peek: “Blood Bath”
On the season finale of Odd Mom Out, the Weber family is thrown into disarray when Hazel gets her period, while a family friend... Odd Mom Out Season Finale Photos and Sneak Peek: “Blood Bath”

Jill’s known that Hazel’s been approaching puberty for a while. From the summer camp filled with peers already filling out to this recent desire for her own cell phone to what happened at the museum sleepover, Hazel has been knocking at the door of young adulthood, something that Jill would rather not deal with. Even though her children getting older is a positive thing for her career, as they’re becoming more self-sufficient and demand a little less of her time/energy, and, frankly, her state of mind, Hazel no longer being a little girl not only opens up a whole other can of worms to deal with in the next few years, it makes Jill think about her own mortality. So what happens when Hazel’s journey to womanhood officially kicks off?

On the season finale of Odd Mom Out, Hazel gets her first period and throws down the gauntlet for what should be a tough time for Jill and Andy. They might appreciate watching Hazel grow into the young woman they always knew she could be, but the path to adulthood is paved with hormones and hissy fits, meaning that the Weber household is about to get louder and more full of angst. And that’s not to mention how the von Weber part of the family will handle Hazel “officially” becoming a woman; Candace has already been crossing boundaries with the cell phone and clothing, so there’s a very real possibility that she’ll get worse the worse Hazel gets and that Jill will have to deal with an overly involved grandmother negatively influencing her already volatile daughter. Welcome to the next phase of parenthood, Jill. Good luck. You’re going to need it.

Elsewhere on Odd Mom Out, the von Webers are shocked when someone from their past pops up on The Wendy Williams Show with an ax to grind and information to spare.

The season finale of Odd Mom Out airs Wednesday at 9:30 on Bravo.

Can the von Webers survive the public scandal that could result from Wendy Williams? How will Brooke and Lex’s relationship adapt to his decision not to go to Mars? Will Jill be able to reconcile her image of Hazel as a little girl with the reality of her transition into puberty?


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ODD MOM OUT -- "Bloodbath" Episode 310 -- Pictured: (l-r) Sean Kleier as Lex Von Weber, Andy Buckley as Andy Weber, Joanna Cassidy as Candace Von Weber, Abby Elliott as Brooke Von Weber, KK Glick as Vanessa -- (Photo by: Eric Liebowitz/Bravo)

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