Odd Mom Out Photos and Sneak Peek: “Weber M.D.” Odd Mom Out Photos and Sneak Peek: “Weber M.D.”
On the next episode of Odd Mom Out, Jill agrees to shoot Brooke's new line of Von Weber wares, while Lex tries to make... Odd Mom Out Photos and Sneak Peek: “Weber M.D.”

Jill’s relationship with Brooke has always been nebulous at best. On one hand, Jill rejects her sister-in-law’s classism, materialism, and shallowness, an approach to life that lacks any kind of empathy for those who aren’t in the exact same financial position or part of New York as she is; on the other, Jill can’t exactly push Brooke away given their familial ties and the occasional glimpses into a person behind the designer labels and expensive jewelry that seems damaged but decent. They can be around each other for the sake of Lex and Andy, but Brooke and Jill don’t really want to be in one another’s orbit unless it’s absolutely necessary.

On the next episode of Odd Mom Out, Brooke and Jill find themselves pushed together by fate as Von Weber’s push into housewares needs an ad campaign to really pop. Given that Jill’s recent sales at the art show have buoyed her professional reputation, Brooke isn’t too pained to hire her sister-in-law, especially considering the family discount that could follow. Although this isn’t the type of work that she wants to be doing, Jill knows what an opportunity shooting for Von Weber could be and how the exposure she gets for something trivial and commercial could lead to better gigs in the near future. She might morally object to most of what Brooke says, does, thinks, feels, and wears, and she might think that Brooke making tablecloths and pillowcases is stupid and silly, but Jill has seen firsthand the background that Brooke came from and thus, can empathize enough to work with her. The crass materialism and lack of self-awareness have a sad, human origin and that’s enough for Jill to hang onto during the rough times that’ll surely come in their working relationship. But how much of Brooke’s nonsense is Jill willing to take, even with the exposure from the campaign, before getting fed up?

Elsewhere on Odd Mom Out, Candace gets mistaken for a drag queen while out to eat with Andy, while Lex attempts to make the next MarsX cut.

Odd Mom Out moves to its new time of 9:30 this Wednesday on Bravo.

Will Jill and Brooke be able to work together on the photo shoot without clashing? How will Candace react when she realizes why people are calling her “Candy Ass”? If Lex doesn’t make it into the MarsX program, could he set his sights on another goal?


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ODD MOM OUT -- "Weber M.D." Episode 307 -- Pictured: (l-r) Abby Elliot as Brooke Von Weber, Jill Kargman as Jill -- (Photo by: Christopher Saunders/Bravo)


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