Odd Mom Out Photos and Sneak Peek: “Star Gazing” Odd Mom Out Photos and Sneak Peek: “Star Gazing”
On the next episode of Odd Mom Out, Jill brings Vanessa along for a photo shoot in Los Angeles, while Lex endures a zero-gravity... Odd Mom Out Photos and Sneak Peek: “Star Gazing”

Jill surprised herself with how smoothly the shoot for Von Weber went. She went in expecting there to be chaos and for Brooke to be at her most Brooke-est, but there were more problems with Parker and Simone than there were with Brooke, as Jill and her sister-in-law actually had a decent working relationship. Of course, Jill was low-key appalled at the cultural appropriation of the Von Weber housewares collection, but otherwise, it was a nice feather in her professional cap and something that continues the recent momentum she’s generated in her career. But what happens when someone so entrenched in New York life is forced to head to the other side of the country?

On the next episode of Odd Mom Out, Jill books a photo shoot in Los Angeles and takes Vanessa along for the ride. While this is a significant win for her career, given that her work has been noticed beyond the Upper East Side bubble in which she resides, Jill is someone who has difficulties going to the suburbs of New York, let alone a city thousands of miles away with a distinctly different culture. Add in the nerves that come along with anything professionally meaningful, this possibility that her career could be significantly picking up, this is something that will take her well outside her comfort zone, hence bringing Vanessa as means of support, and something that will challenge Jill to become more resilient in the face of new experiences. Can Jill’s photo shoot go off without a hitch, bringing her that much closer to the career that she always wanted? If not, might she be better off with a smaller scale (but still creatively fulfilling) career in New York?

Elsewhere on Odd Mom Out, Candace oversteps her boundaries with Hazel, while Lex is forced to endure a zero-gravity chamber.

Odd Mom Out airs Wednesdays at 9:30 on Bravo.

How will Jill and Vanessa’s sojourn to the other side of the country turn out? What type of damage to Hazel will Jill come back to following her trip? Could Lex actually have a chance at making the final MarsX cut?


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ODD MOM OUT -- "Star Gazing" Episode 308 -- Pictured: (l-r) KK Glick as Vanessa, Jill Kargman as Jill Weber -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/Bravo)

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