Nobodies Cancelled by TV Land Nobodies Cancelled by TV Land
TV Land has cancelled showbiz comedy Nobodies after two seasons, it was reported today. The show's series finale aired last month. Nobodies Cancelled by TV Land

Deadline is reporting that showbiz comedy Nobodies has been cancelled after two seasons by TV Land.

After getting renewed ahead of Lopez, Nobodies was moved to Paramount in an attempt to bolster the rebranded network’s scripted portfolio. However, their plan to use Heathers to drive interest into Nobodies was thwarted when the former was delayed due to the school shooting at Marjory Stoneham Douglas High School. Nobodies was then moved back to TV Land following two airings on Paramount, with season two’s ratings finishing ahead of season one in L+SD. With TV Land seemingly getting out of scripted after no longer accepting pitches, Nobodies was the network’s weak link in terms of ratings and made for an easy cut.

From Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, and Rachel Ramras (The Mike Tyson Mysteries), with Melissa McCarthy executive producing, Nobodies followed Hugh, Larry, and Rachel, three Groundlings members who, despite some moderate success, are still looking for their big break in show business. The series chronicled the pressure they felt to have their success start matching that of their friends, as well as their attempts to get both a movie (season one) and TV show (season two) off the ground.

Guest appearances included Allison Janney, Kristen Wiig, Cheryl Hines, Nat Faxon, Jason Bateman, and Kristen Bell, among many others.

The series finale of Nobodies aired Thursday, May 31st.

Are you disappointed by the cancellation? What would you have wanted a third season to be about? Do you think that Viacom is making a mistake by lessening TV Land’s scripted presence? 

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