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The Cancellation Bloodbath Continues: Say Goodbye To No Ordinary Family

This one might not be such a surprise since some of the actors had signed on to new pilots: ABC has canceled No Ordinary Family.

The show had a good start but started falling in the ratings and never quite recovered.

ABC's Fall 2011 schedule will be formally announced next week.


  1. NO ORDINARY FAMILY CAN NOT BE CANCEL .This show is amazing I LOVE IT and not having a second season. its so heartbreaking and you know why, because whenever i had a rough day at school or in a bad mood. coming home and turning on my t and watching another episode changes my whole day. i believe that there should be a second season because there teen out there that's going be heartbroken that they will never be able to continue there amazing journey though out the show. for example me. when i heard about there was gonna be no second season i literally cried and i cried coz this show means a lot . i love superhero. supernatural anything that i know that not real but i wanna believe so hard that its is. and this show was its so easy for me to believe it. and how is in the real world it makes even better. i adore every single actor that played each part in the series . and some how this show make me feel so happy I'm glad i watch and i wanna be more glad that there will be a season two. so ABC should the show another chance maybe this time it will improve everyone deserve a second chance it mean everything for me and everyone else who love it . it inspires me too how too focus and improve in my acting skills . I've wanted to be an actor since like i was born and watching those incredible actors doing their thing on television truly helps me. So please do everyone in the world a favor and let No ordinary family run season 2 anymore it has coming. it best superhero show I've ever seen. i begg you try make season two.

  2. You need to work on your grammar skills before you could even think about acting. It hurt my brain when I tried to read this; oh my goodness it's bad. I mean, I hate that the show is canceled too, but really, learn how to write.

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