Daredevil: Dawson & Cox On Stunts, Marvel Legacies, Luke Cage & More Daredevil: Dawson & Cox On Stunts, Marvel Legacies, Luke Cage & More
Interview with Charlie Cox & Rosario Dawson of Marvel's Daredevil from Netflix Daredevil: Dawson & Cox On Stunts, Marvel Legacies, Luke Cage & More

Marvel’s Daredevil drops its entire 13-episode first season on Netflix this Friday, April 10, and on the show’s very talented cast list is Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, the man otherwise known as Daredevil, The Man Without Fear; and the one person who can patch him up in a time of need, Claire Temple, Night Nurse, who is played by Rosario Dawson.

Netflix hosted Daredevil roundtable Q&A’s last week to talk about this thrilling new series, and to start, Cox was asked about the stunts that he does when playing the masked crimefighter.

marve_pds_010_h“I’m doing as much as I’m allowed to do, which at times is a great deal, and other times not so much,” Cox confirmed. “As the series progressed, I was up to date with the training, and so I was able to do more than maybe in earlier scenes. I’m quite lucky in this regard. I really enjoy all of the physical aspects of making a film, and luckily, I’m quite good at picking up moves. I can usually do it… I have to learn them on the day. We don’t have time to rehearse days before, so I normally try and pick up six to ten moves at a time. We’ll film that from a couple of different angles, and then we’ll move on… and then, of course, I have my amazing stunt double Chris Brewster who will every now and again throw in a 360 double flip kick that I didn’t even know people could do. I don’t do those ones,” Charlie pointed out, before detailing a very intense sequence that takes place in a hallway in the series premiere.

marve_pds_012_h“I just love that it just keeps going,” Dawson enthused when talking about that sequence. “I’m like ‘oh my gosh, this is so good.’ That’s the luxury of the time that we have… when you’re doing a 13 hour movie, almost, you get to really take that time not only just with the fights, but with everything. With the development of the suit, with the development of the characters, and the idea, the back-and-forth, and the stress of going ‘am I doing this?’ That’s the thing that I’m so moved by, when I think about the hero’s journey; someone who decides to take on and be someone who says ‘vigilante justice is my calling.’ It’s not something that just happens once. You don’t go, ‘okay. I’m a fireman. I’m a police officer.’ You have to put that suit on every day. At any point you could walk away, and the fact that this person gets back up and tries again and throws that punch again, you’re just like ‘Oh! Yes!’ That’s really exciting. And like a police officer or fireman, this is just a normal person. There’s no radioactive spider bite or alien father or anything else to play with… iron suit or magic hammer, there’s nothing. There are none of those different things to take you out. You’re like ‘oh, that’s good!’ It’s fantastical, it’s comics and all that kind of stuff, but it makes it very real, and I think that’s going to be the difference. It’s PG-16. We get to go there,” she promised.

Watch some video of our interview HERE, where more topics, including their character interactions and creating the roles, are being discussed. More interview material follows below…

clairecageDuring the roundtable we also asked Rosario Dawson if her character is involved with the Luke Cage Netflix series, considering that the character of Claire Temple originally had ties to Luke in the comic books. While, as you can see from the video, Dawson remained mum at first, she did praise the notion that Claire is a known quantity from the comics that has had ties to many people.

“That was actually one of the things that totally drew me to it,” she said. “I love the fact that when you’re playing with Marvel, you’re playing with the Marvel Universe, and that means anything could happen. That’s very exciting. And just the fact that I’m playing Claire Temple, Night Nurse, and you’re getting that… you’re already knowing something’s happening. Something’s being tweaked; something’s being played with. So… that’s good. I like the question mark that comes with that.”

dd220Playing characters with such rich histories also means there have already been many interpretations of the character, which is something Cox was sure to point out.

“Over the course of the years that Daredevil has been in print, the character has changed a great deal. He’s changed not just visually, but also the way he speaks and operates for the time. I think the danger is to try and beat everyone. I think you have to choose your specifics and find the consistencies in order to make him a real person, a fully rounded person. I couldn’t be more pleased with how Marvel were accepting of me in entrusting the character over to me,” he said.

Marvel’s Daredevil arrives on Netflix April 10. Below, find a new trailer courtesy of Netflix:


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