Are Marvel & ABC Studios Developing New Warriors As A Comedy Series? Are Marvel & ABC Studios Developing New Warriors As A Comedy Series?
TV Line reports that the New Warriors are being developed as a half hour comedy featuring Squirrel Girl. Are Marvel & ABC Studios Developing New Warriors As A Comedy Series?

Further proof that in the world of TV development, anything can happen: TV Line is reporting that Marvel and ABC Studios are looking to do New Warriors as a half-hour comedy series starring the character Squirrel Girl. ABC Studios and Marvel aren’t commenting, but TV Line generally doesn’t post things unless they have a pretty fair idea that those things are actually happening.

The New Warriors premiered in late 1989 as part of Marvel’s “Acts of Vengeance” crossover and received their own title in summer 1990. Dubbed “Heroes for the 90’s,” this team of young heroes led by Night Thrasher featured characters like Firestar, Justice (formerly Marvel Boy), Nova, Namorita, and Rage. At one time it was so popular that it spawned several spin-off series. Numerous attempts to revive the New Warriors title have happened since, including a comical version that led to that incarnation of the team getting killed off a year or two later in the first Civil War.

squirrelgirlDespite having her first appearance drawn by legendary Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko, Squirrel Girl has mostly been done for comedy relief. Squirrel Girl even has her own comic book series currently. The thing is, though: Absurd situations are funny. A blatant laugh magnet like a character called “Squirrel Girl” might be the least funny thing since ABC picked up a show starring a talking dog. A four quadrant mess, it might be. You know what is or would be actually funny? A mockumentary series like that “What Thor Did During Civil War” thing. Partly because Thor’s not supposed to be a funny character; he actually just is.

Here’s the other problem, beyond that. For many who are within the 18-49 demographic, the New Warriors actually were something special. To turn them into something silly for TV… maybe not the best idea. Might we suggest the Great Lakes Avengers instead? Or, even better: A serious drama featuring a group of young Marvel heroes, organized by Dwayne Taylor aka Night Thrasher. That is a show I’d watch religiously. But then again, Marvel calls its young heroes Champions now, so maybe not… but me, personally? I’m not impressed.

In any event, New Warriors is supposedly being shopped to cable and streaming outlets. Meanwhile, the New Warriors hour-long drama exists only in my heart.

In any event… Agree? Disagree? Leave some comments below.


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