Mr. Robot Season 3 Finale Preview: “Shutdown -R” Mr. Robot Season 3 Finale Preview: “Shutdown -R”
On the season finale of Mr. Robot, Elliot's attempt at saving Darlene from the FBI doesn't go as planned, while Angela considers the price... Mr. Robot Season 3 Finale Preview: “Shutdown -R”

Throughout the third season of Mr. Robot, Elliot has attempted to undo the mess he caused through the five/nine attack. What was supposed to be a way to liberate the masses from crippling debt and capitalistic slavery brought about a type of unorganized chaos and societal destabilization that neither he nor the rest of f society had anticipated. However, Elliot had set the wheels into motion to the point where there was nothing he could do to stop an empowered and hungry Whiterose, whose bombing of 71 E-Corp buildings leaves a whole lot of blood (indirectly) on Elliot’s hands. Bound and determined to do right by others and rid himself of the crippling guilt he can’t seem to shake, will Elliot do what he has to in order to reverse the hack, no matter the personal cost to himself?

On the season finale of Mr. Robot, Elliot finds out that Darlene’s attempt at breaking into the Sentinel didn’t go as planned, as she’s now in FBI custody with no way to free herself. What he doesn’t know, though, is that she’s being held by undercover Dark Army associate Santiago and that the Dark Army is authorized to put him down after the delay in the Congo; this jeopardizes Darlene’s safety, especially if she presses Santiago and Dom about using the encryption keys and if Whiterose wants to send a message to Elliot. This might be the time for Elliot to bring out Mr. Robot, as his alter is more equipped to handle situations like this and would protect Elliot from having to deal with how the mess he created is putting those he loves in danger, but considering Mr. Robot’s lack of real connection with Darlene and tunnel vision toward keeping the hack in tact, would he even be willing to show up?

Elsewhere on Mr. Robot, Angela considers the price it will take to turn back time.

The season finale of Mr. Robot airs Wednesday at 10:00 on USA.

Will Elliot get Darlene out of custody? What lengths would Mr. Robot go to prevent Darlene from working with the FBI and reversing the hack with Romero’s encryption keys? How much further will Angela slip into her paranoid delusions before being snapped back into reality? 


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