Mr. Robot Season 2 Premieres Tonight On USAMr. Robot Season 2 Premieres Tonight On USA
Mr. Robot Season 2 begins with "" and "," and we have photos from both. Mr. Robot Season 2 Premieres Tonight On USA

The long-awaited second season premiere of Mr. Robot airs tonight on the USA Network. The season opens with two back-to-back episodes titled “” and “” and the premiere will start at 10PM.

Here are descriptions for both episodes.

Season Two, Episode One: back. one month later and omfg, five/nine changed the world. elliot in seclusion. angela happy at evil corp. fsociety delivers malicious payload. TANGO DOWN?

Season Two, Episode Two: angela happy at evil corp. tyrell MIA and joanna has a new bf? wtf? dom leads fbi investigation into five/nine. elliot demands answers from mr. robot.

You can find promotional photos for both of the new Mr. Robot Season 2 episodes below.


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MR. ROBOT -- "" Episode 201 -- Pictured: (l-r) Joey Bada$$ as Leon, Rami Malek as Eliot Alderson -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/USA Network)

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