Motherland Fort Salem Photos: “Hail Beltane” Motherland Fort Salem Photos: “Hail Beltane”
Preview images and spoilers for Motherland: Fort Salem episode 4 "Hail Beltane" airing on Freeform Motherland Fort Salem Photos: “Hail Beltane”

“Hail Beltane” is the title of the fourth episode of Motherland: Fort Salem which airs tonight (April 8) on Freeform.

Here’s how they describe it; some preview images can be found below.

The base reels from a traumatic event, while Raelle tries to come to terms with her role in the tragedy. Scylla attempts to evade Raelle’s increasingly pointed questions. Abigail works to impress her formidable rival, Libba. And Tally’s connection with Gerit grows during Beltane, a sacred holiday honoring fertility traditions.


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MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM - "Hail Beltane" - The base celebrates the rituals of Beltane, where Tally and Gerit's connection grows and Abigail finds strength in competition. Raelle is deeply affected by a tragic event and has questions for an evasive Scylla. This episode of "Motherland: Fort Salem" airs Wednesday, April 8, at 9:00p.m. ET/PT on Freeform. (Freeform/David Bukach)JESSICA SUTTON


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