Midnight, Texas Sneak Peek: “I Put a Spell on You” Midnight, Texas Sneak Peek: “I Put a Spell on You”
On the next episode of Midnight Texas, Midnight gets an unexpected new resident with a connection to the Rev, while Manfred and Patience bond. Midnight, Texas Sneak Peek: “I Put a Spell on You”

The residents of Midnight are understandably tight-knit. Some of that has to do with the smallness of the town exacerbating the intimacy of their relationships, but the degree to which they all felt like an outsider before settling in town means that they get one another pretty deeply. They want to preserve this new support system they’ve found and as such, every change to the town’s dynamic is felt more strongly than any typical small town. While the Crystal Desert has made things different around Midnight, the recent exodus of Creek and Rev have left the Midnighters feeling more vulnerable than ever before.

On the next episode of Midnight Texas, the Midnighters stumble upon a pregnant woman who died giving birth the day she arrived in town looking for Rev. But given that this is Midnight after all, there’s nothing ordinary here, as the child resulting from this tragedy is a were-tiger responsible for her mother’s death. While all signs point to this being Rev’s child, providing the gang a bit of solace after losing their comrade, the Midnighters have bigger things to worry about with a new underground fighting ring kidnapping supernaturals and forcing them into deadly battles. Not only do the Midnighters have to protect this last remaining connection to Rev from falling into the wrong han, they must band together to ensure that those like them needn’t suffer a life of enslavement and certain death any longer.

Elsewhere on Midnight Texas, Fiji is forced to take action to protect Bobo from her family curse, while Patience and Manfred bond over relationship troubles.

Midnight Texas airs Fridays at 9:00 on NBC.

Will the Midnighters be able to save this new member of their extended family? Is there any way for Fiji to break the family curse and earn her happy ending with Bobo? How long will it be before Manfred and Patience act on the tension between them?


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