Man Seeking Woman Season Finale Preview: “Blood” Man Seeking Woman Season Finale Preview: “Blood”
On the season finale of Man Seeking Woman, Josh and Lucy's wedding is threatened by their meddlesome parents. Man Seeking Woman Season Finale Preview: “Blood”

Josh and Lucy have climbed over every obstacle that has popped up in the middle of their relationship and emerged on the other side a stronger couple. Whether it be his insecurities about being boring or her anxiety about giving up a fun life with her friends, the two have had to confront a lot of personal issues in order to make their relationship work, but work it has and now the two are ready to seal their commitment with a personalized wedding ceremony that showcases their creativity, individuality, and connectivity as a couple. It should be a joyous time for the two as they enter this new phase in their lives, but on the day that everything should be roses and daffodils, a whole bunch of weeds begin sprouting around them.

On the season finale of Man Seeking Woman, Josh and Lucy’s wedding day is disrupted by both sets of meddlesome parents, all of whom want to strip the unconventionality away from the impending ceremony and replace it with something more traditional and expected. It’s understandable that they might not be comfortable with a ceremony that goes against the norm, but this is supposed to be Josh and Lucy’s day done Josh and Lucy’s way; this is supposed to be their opportunity to head into married life the way they want and for each set of parents to undermine that shows a self-consciousness (and, honestly, a need to pick a fight to avoid the emotional complications that come with watching your child getting married) that simply needed to be suppressed for a few hours. Instead, Josh and Lucy will have to deal with the biggest headache of the day from people who should be their biggest cheerleaders.

The season finale of Man Seeking Woman airs Wednesday at 10:30 on FXX.

Will Josh and Lucy make it down the aisle? Why do you think their parents are so concerned about having a “normal” ceremony? Could Josh and Lucy’s relationship with their parents take a turn for the worse as a result of the wedding shenanigans?


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