Man Seeking Woman Preview: “Dolphin” Man Seeking Woman Preview: “Dolphin”
On the next episode of Man Seeking Woman, Liz tries to find her estranged father after her mother becomes obsessed with Josh's wedding. Man Seeking Woman Preview: “Dolphin”

What initially kept Josh from proposing to Lucy was his perfectionism and how he didn’t want to ruin the one shot they got at such a pivotal milestone in their relationship. They would be telling the story of their engagement for years to come, so he didn’t exactly want to stick them with something embarrassing or something that made him look bad. Because he loved Lucy so much, he wanted to make the experience everything she could’ve wanted, fulfilling whatever dreams she might’ve had about this moment, only what ultimately mattered was the sentiment behind the engagement and not the engagement itself. The important thing was that the two were going to be together for the rest of their lives, but what happens when they’re ready to tell their loved ones?

On the next episode of Man Seeking Woman, Josh and Lucy begin spreading the good news by telling his parents, except his mother Pat makes things a bit more difficult. Due to how overprotective and territorial she can be over Josh, they can’t just come up to her with the news for fear of her reaction; they have to find a way to ease her into the idea and hope that things don’t blow up in their face. Pat might want the best for her son, and she knows how happy that Lucy makes him, but Josh getting engaged is a right of passage that reminds her he’s an adult now and that she doesn’t have him to take care of like she did when he was a child. While it’s ultimately a proud moment for the mother of two, in that her baby boy’s self-sufficient enough to be on his own and stable enough to find someone to be with, it’s news that she’ll have to get used to once she’s over the initial shock.

Elsewhere on Man Seeking Woman, Liz goes on the hunt for Tom after he’s driven out of the house by Pat’s newfound obsession over Josh’s wedding.

Man Seeking Woman airs Wednesdays at 10:30 on FXX.

Will Josh get Pat to eventually calm down about the wedding? Where will Liz have to go to find Tom once he runs for the hills? Could Josh’s relationship with Lucy suffer because of the way his parents handle the engagement?


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