Madam Secretary Series Finale Photos: “Leaving The Station” Madam Secretary Series Finale Photos: “Leaving The Station”
List of guest stars and preview images for the Madam Secretary series finale "Leaving the Station" airing December 8 on CBS featuring Stevie's wedding Madam Secretary Series Finale Photos: “Leaving The Station”

Cicely Tyson, Tyne Daly, the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team champions, and Grammy Award winner Peter Frampton are among the guest stars in the final episode of Madam Secretary which airs Sunday, December 8 on CBS. But that’s not the big story of the Madam Secretary finale: Stevie’s getting married… and CBS has now released over 50 (!!) additional photos showing the event which is full of some returning faces. These new photos are in addition to the small amount that we had posted on KSiteTV earlier.

The episode is called “Leaving the Station” and here is how they describe it:

President Elizabeth McCord kicks off a new landmark political initiative with help from members of the World Cup Champion U.S. Women’s Soccer team, while Flo Avery (Cicely Tyson), who was born the day women were granted the right to vote, looks on. Opposing the initiative is Senator Amy Ross (Tyne Daly) from Ohio. Also, the McCords overcome last-minute obstacles to pull off a spectacular family celebration with a reunion of familiar faces, that includes a performance by Peter Frampton, on the series finale of MADAM SECRETARY, Sunday, Dec. 8 (10:30-11:30 PM, ET/10:00-11:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network.


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The series finale of MADAM SECRETARY will feature a host of esteemed guest stars who will help celebrate the critically acclaimed series' six year run. The episode will air Sunday, Dec. 8, 2019 (10:30-11:30 PM, ET/10:00-11:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network. Pictured L-R: World Cup Champion U.S. Women's Soccer Team Members Ali Krieger, Ashlyn Harris, Allie Long and Crystal Dunn; Center: Series Star Téa Leoni Photo: Mark Schafer/CBS ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Madam Secretary stars Téa Leoni (Elizabeth McCord), Tim Daly (Henry McCord), Zeljko Ivanek (Russell Jackson), Patina Miller (Daisy Grant), Erich Bergen (Blake Moran), Kevin Rahm (Mike B.), and Wallis Currie Wood (Stevie McCord).

Recurring cast appearing in “Leaving the Station” includes Will Adams (Eric Stoltz), Evan Roe (Jason McCord), and Francis Jue (Chinese Foreign Minister Chen).

Guest stars in the Madam Secretary series finale include Tyne Daly (Senator Amy Ross), Cicely Tyson (Flo Avery), Peter Frampton (Himself), Ali Kreiger (Herself), Allie Long (Herself), Ashlyn Harris (Herself), Crystal Dunn (Herself), Keith Carradine (Conrad Dalton), Sebastian Arcelus (Jay Whitman), Geoffrey Arend (Matt Mahoney), Katherine Herzer (Alison McCord), Linda Emond (Carol Jackson), Sabina Zuniga Varela (Angela Lopez), Tracee Chimo Pallero (Nina Cummings), Masha King (Talia Petrov), Will Harrison (Zach Barnow), Jose Zuniga (Carlos Morejon), Roe Hartrampf (Trevor Kingston), Sam Breslin Wright (Dylan Larsen), Mark Puchinsky (Vlad), Emiliano Daez (General Julio Diaz), Beth Dixon (Maggie), Chris Petrovski (Dmitri Petrov), Melissa Denise Lopez (Secret Service Agent), Bruce Sabath (Frank Corlent), Marilyn Sterner (ASL Interpreter), and Emelyn Daly (Sarah McCord).


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  • Avatar

    Cheryl Toole

    Dec 1, 2019 #1 Author

    I cannot believe this excellent series is finally at an end. Although I am a Canadian, I have enjoyed the weekly examination of the American political system. Too bad there isn’t a real President McCord; I think the World would be ready for a woman of her character to become President. Adieu, Madame President and all that actors that have been in my living room every Sunday evening. You will all be missed.

  • Avatar

    Laura Johnson

    Dec 2, 2019 #2 Author

    I hope Madam Secretary comes back as Madam President. This way such a great family program. I think the cast was so great . It was the best for the show. I appreciate the work they’ve done to make this such a great one to watch. I believe the network is just plain fools to end this show. What was they thinking?

  • Avatar

    Marge Dunay

    Dec 2, 2019 #3 Author

    Why does Elizabeth McCord only wear blouses with ties in the front?

  • Avatar

    Michael Burgess

    Dec 3, 2019 #4 Author

    She’s my president! Keep the show on.micha

  • Avatar

    JoAnn Persichetti

    Dec 4, 2019 #5 Author

    Madam Secratary opened up a window into the White House and politics for me. Even though the episodes were fiction, I had the sence of how things may have happened in similar situations. Of course, Tia Leone played the part of Madam Secratory/Madam President so believable that I wished she was the president! I loved the interactions with her family because I felt it lent a demention into the balance of a public figure and a woman living her personal life. I don’t understand how such a dynamic series could be canceled. That’s not fair! I want Madam President to return!!
    PS At least we’ll get to see Stevie and Demetri get married

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