Tom Welling Finally Says The Name “Chloe” On Lucifer Tom Welling Finally Says The Name “Chloe” On Lucifer
Tom Welling talks about whether or not it was intentional that it took him so long to say the name "Chloe" on Lucifer. Tom Welling Finally Says The Name “Chloe” On Lucifer

Warning: Minor spoilers for the Lucifer episode “The Sinnerman” are being discussed within.

Tonight’s episode of Lucifer gave fans of Tom Welling something they’ve been waiting for since he joined the series — he finally called Decker (Lauren German) by her first name – “Chloe.”

This may not seem like a big deal — after all, people have called her by her first name many times before — but for fans of Welling, the name “Chloe” has a special significance, as Chloe was the name of Clark Kent’s confidante for many years of The WB/CW series Smallville.

At a recent Lucifer press event, we asked Tom Welling if it was intentional for us to have to wait so many episodes to hear him call Decker “Chloe” — and yes, it was, but the reason had to do with the Lucifer story, not the avoidance of a potential Smallville inside joke.

“I strategically want to answer that. Obviously I don’t write the episodes, but I asked the same question, and yes. They did that on purpose. The first time that he calls her Chloe – there’s a reason, and the writers did that, but I asked the same question,” Welling said.

When we explained to Welling that there was another reason we were asking, he put it together.

“Oh! That’s funny. It’s a different Chloe. I get it. I was only thinking about the Lucifer world, for Decker and Pierce’s relationship. There is definitely a point where he calls her Chloe and not Decker,” Tom said, referring to what may be a point where Pierce cracks in “The Sinnerman.”

“It’s funny; when I was reading it, the first time that I read that her name was Chloe, of course my mind went back to Smallville. But when you’re shooting and stuff, it’s very different,” the actor said regarding Lucifer scripts.

That’s not the only name confusion one would find on the Lucifer set.

“On a side note, on the set because his name is Tom and my name’s Tom, he’s the lead of the show, so they call him Tom and they call me T-Dubs, because we had to figure it out,” Tom said. “I was like ‘well, dude. It’s your show. They should call you Tom.’ It took us a couple days to figure out, and T-Dubs kind of landed, and so now when people say Tom on set, I don’t even hear it,” he laughed.

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