DVD Review: Lucifer: The Complete Third Season DVD Review: Lucifer: The Complete Third Season
Review of the Season 3 DVD box set for the television series Lucifer DVD Review: Lucifer: The Complete Third Season

The third season of Lucifer hit DVD this week (with a special Blu-ray version available via the Warner Archive).

Season 3 brings us new mysteries… and Tom Welling! Those things might be connected. Here’s how Warner Bros. describes the set:

Here’s the KSiteTV review.

The Episodes: One impression I’ve had from the episodes I’ve watched on the Lucifer Season 3 box set is “damn, this show is good.” It was a crime against television to cancel the show, and I am grateful that Netflix made a deal with the Devil to continue it. What I especially like about the series is even when they have continuing plotlines, the show is also procedural, so you can tune in to just about any episode and be able to follow it. This especially comes in handy here, as a few episodes were actually shot for the second season, and the season ends with two “bonus episodes” that include “Once Upon a Time,” an episode showing an alternate world narrated by Lucifer creator Neil Gaiman as God himself.

Smallville is responsible for a large part of my career, so it was exciting to see Tom Welling returning to television. As Marcus Pierce, his initial dip back into the water was a bit rusty, but the best directors and his co-stars seem to make Tom better and better as the season goes on. Really, Lucifer has one of the best casts in television, from Tom Ellis down through everyone else (names not included so I don’t forget anyone, as they’re all good!)

I admit I didn’t get to watch all of the episodes live on FOX, so I might have been part of the problem. It wasn’t a matter of disliking the show so much as conflict with Supergirl and a dozen other things that distracted me on Monday nights. That attitude is kind of ridiculous now, because when I see Lucifer I have the habit of wanting to see more and more. Netflix is probably banking on a viewer like me, and a DVD set like this is right up the alley for someone like me, especially as there are 26 episodes on this set.

The Extras: This set also has some of the best extras I’ve seen on a DVD set in recent times. There’s a whole feature about the show’s move [back] to Los Angeles, with trivia about the sound stages that I never knew or imagined. I was able to visit the Lucifer sets in Vancouver during the first two seasons, so hearing about the differences was fascinating, and I learned a bit in the process. There’s an “Off Script with Tom & Tom” multi-part feature with Tom Ellis and Tom Welling interviewing each other, and that’s just fun. It’s so nice to see Welling more relaxed, and it seems he had a happy time on the series.

There are also some deleted scenes and a gag reel, and the 2017 Comic-Con panel is also represented.

Box Art/Design: The box art looks good, and thank goodness it doesn’t say “The Final Season” anymore.

Is It Worth It? Forget waiting for Netflix. I highly recommend buying all three seasons of Lucifer on DVD and bingeing the heck out of it. I’m disappointed the Blu-ray option isn’t readily available in stores, but actually, the imagery on the DVD sets is still fantastic. Lucifer, Chloe, Dr. Linda, Maize, Amenadiel, Charlotte, “Detective Douche,” Marcus and Trixie are waiting…

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