DVD Review: Lucifer: The Complete First Season DVD Review: Lucifer: The Complete First Season
Review of the DVD set for Lucifer: The Complete First Season DVD Review: Lucifer: The Complete First Season

The Complete First Season of Lucifer dropped last Tuesday (August 23) on DVD and Blu-ray, and unfortunately, a deal with the devil doesn’t provide you with a lot of extras. It does, however, present 13 episodes of a show that is quite enjoyable. Here’s our review of the set which was furnished to us by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

Lucifer DVDThe Episodes: Let me start off with the same grump I had about The 100 Season 3 set: The wide release of this set is for DVD, not Blu-ray. The episodes look great either way, but I’m sure they look better on the version that’s not as readily available. Grr argh.

No matter how you see it, though, Lucifer is fun, and was one of the great surprises of the 2015-2016 TV season. “Lucifer solving crimes” was such an absurdity that even Supernatural made a joke about it, and you’ll definitely see differences from the DC/Vertigo comic book series of the same name. But with this cast and this talented set of writers, it is fun.

Tom Ellis has a roguish charm as Lucifer, and many of his best scenes are with Lauren German’s Chloe Decker. These two fit in quite well with the many duos on TV of the last decade. The supporting cast – including  Dr. Linda Martin, Maize, Amanadiel, Trixie, and Detective Douche – I mean, Dan – add to the fun. At times, Lucifer is very procedural, but that’s not a bad thing. Sometimes it’s nice to get a whole story out of the way in one week. Sometimes there are mysteries to solve, and that is fun, too. Not something most of us would have expected from a show called “Lucifer,” that’s for sure.

The Extras: Whoever put these extras together should go to… no, I’m kidding. But I was very disappointed with the selection of extras on this set. There are six character featurettes that aren’t more than 3 minutes long apiece. There’s a 13-minute Comic-Con panel from 2015. There’s a gag reel that isn’t extremely funny, which is surprising because I’ve met the cast and they’re quite funny. (Warning: The language on the gag reel is not bleeped.) Finally, there are unaired scenes for “Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil,” “Manly Whatnots,” “Et Tu, Doctor?,” “A Priest Walks Into A Bar,” “Pops,” “St. Lucifer,” “#TeamLucifer,” and “Take Me Back To Hell.” DVD people: This is a show that is developing a following! Cater to that! Heck, even a look at the unaired pilot with a different Dan and a slightly different name for Chloe would’ve been interesting for the general public to see.

Graphic Design: I’m kinda “meh” on the cover art but the cast shot on the interior booklet is great.

Is It Worth It? Is it worth seeing all of Lucifer Season 1? Absolutely. Are the extras must-haves, so that you can wait for Netflix or streaming? Sadly, I’d say “probably” to that. After getting so spoiled with the amount of content on Gotham set I was really let down here.

If you do want it, Lucifer: The Complete First Season is available for a discounted price on Amazon.com – order yours through the link and you’ll support KSiteTV!


Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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