Lucy Hale Previews Life Sentence Lucy Hale Previews Life Sentence
Interview with Lucy Hale about her new CW television series Life Sentence Lucy Hale Previews Life Sentence

A former pretty little liar is now a pretty little cancer survivor on The CW’s new series Life Sentence which premieres tonight (March 7) at 9PM ET/PT. Lucy Hale plays a young woman named Stella who was facing cancer for years while her family pretended their lives were perfect so she would have the best possible final years. Now, the cancer is gone but all of those problems are bubbling to the surface.

“Initially, when I had gotten approached with this idea, I met with [the writers] who had said, ‘Wouldn’t it be interesting if the girl who was supposed to die ended up living, and she has to live with all these decisions and choices she made while she was dying?’ I loved it. I thought it was such a great idea and something that I had never seen or heard before,” Hale enthused to KSiteTV and a group of other visiting press in Vancouver several months ago.

“It’s very interesting. Where we pick up in the pilot, you meet this girl who is pretty impulsive anyway. But if she’s living like she’s dying, she’s going to do some pretty crazy like marry a guy she’s known for three days in Paris. Who knows what else she’s gotten herself into? But [then] we find out she’s going to live, which is great news, but to realize that she has no idea who she is and no who her family really is, because they’ve been protecting her in this little bubble from the reality of their problems and the reality of the world. So when she finds out she’s going to live, it’s a bittersweet moment, but then at the same time, she realizes how insanely dysfunctional her family is,” Hale teased. Her character of Stella is surrounded by family including sister Elizabeth (Brooke Lyons), slacker brother Aiden (Jayson Blair), and a mother and father (Gillian Vigman and Dylan Walsh) who are discovering new things about themselves and/or not facing the reality of what life has become, respectively.

The new husband is Wes, played by Elliot Knight, and you can see some video of our interview with Hale and Knight below. Enjoy!

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