Lethal Weapon Cancelled by FOX Lethal Weapon Cancelled by FOX
FOX has cancelled its troubled Lethal Weapon series adaptation after three seasons. The series finale aired this past February. Lethal Weapon Cancelled by FOX

FOX has officially cancelled its Lethal Weapon series adaptation, it was confirmed today.

The news comes after a tumultuous calendar year for the project, which was plagued by behind the scenes issues to the point where original series star Clayne Crawford was fired. American Pie star Seann William Scott was then brought in, only for Damon Wayans Sr. to essentially quit the series only to walk it back a short time later. Everything seemed copacetic once FOX executives acted on his concerns and some promising late season ratings, as well as FOX’s need to forge relationships with independent studios, seemed to indicate there was still life in the show.

What will be interesting to see is whether another outlet will take the show. Where it’s based on well-known IP and has recognizable stars, it’s got the international appeal that will make its producer Warner Bros. want to find another outlet to keep the series going. It remains to be seen which outlet will want to take on a troubled project that could be expensive, but its concept, cast, and experience on network television could help a smaller outlet stand out in a cluttered TV landscape.

The series finale of Lethal Weapon aired in February on FOX.


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