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Legend of the Seeker “Unbroken” Promo

Unless some broadcaster wises up, this might be the next-to-last episode of Legend of the Seeker ever.

Here’s the promotional trailer for the new episode airing the weekend of May 15.

Thanks to GhostRaider for the tip, and to SeekerSpoilers for posting it.

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  1. I must omitt, I have not watch this show until now and I must say it was good. I little like Merlin which is great. Sorry that it is not being renewed.

  2. i think this show is the best show.
    you know what i had just relized is that kahlan the mother confesser in the bed wow she got it on with richard.
    and i heard in some other sites that the upcoming show after unbroken (tears the season finale) might be the series finale