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Legend Of The Seeker Has Been Canceled.

Legend of the SeekerEntertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello has posted the news that Legend of the Seeker fans didn’t want: The show has been canceled.

According to Ausiello, the show’s producers and studio shopped the series around after Tribune stations passed on the show a few months ago… but it seems there were no takers.

Talk about this news on KryptonSite’s Legend of the Seeker forum thread.

It’s really a shame; LOTS made for great TV with different settings unseen in other series. It also gave us some fantastic actors who will hopefully be seen in other projects soon. (Smallville, meet Bridget Regan – your Wonder Woman.)

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  1. Terrible news. Where to place blame? Viewers?–they take too much for granted. Affiliates?–they certainly did nothing to promote this great series. We live in a twisted world where people will watch crud like Jersey Shore & Idol & old-people dancing…then neglect quality fare like Seeker.

    I can only hope that both Craig and Bridget land HIGH PROFILE TV roles here in America. I know Craig is Australian, but his talent needs to be seen HERE.

  2. I can agree that LEgend of the Seeker is not the best show on T.V., but it was certainly more entertaining than many of other series that are currently running.
    I started watching the show at first since Bridget Regan is kind of cute but over time I got to enjoy the show. I was hoping the series would get picked up again, but it doesn’t look like it, unfortunately. Hope to see Bridget Regan and our Wizard of the First Order again somewhere :-)