Legacies Post-Mortem: Freya Returns & What [SPOILER] Found Legacies Post-Mortem: Freya Returns & What [SPOILER] Found
Legacies TV series writers talk about a pivotal moment in "Screw Endgame" & what we can expect from Freya's return in the next episode Legacies Post-Mortem: Freya Returns & What [SPOILER] Found

WARNING: Spoilers for the November 14 episode of Legacies titled “Screw Endgame” are being discussed within. If you haven’t seen it yet, maybe you should read our teaser article instead.

Now that the Legacies episode “Screw Endgame” has aired, there remain a few questions: What’s going to happen with Josie after that journal that she found? And what will bring Freya (Riley Voelkel) to the show in the November 21 episode?

Those were two more questions we asked Brett Matthews and Thomas Brandon about in our interview this week.

“That journal is like a time bomb going off in Josie’s head and heart because it references a whole universe of memories in existence that she doesn’t recall,” Brandon confirmed. “It’s like looking at a weird mirror version of ‘oh, there’s something we’ve all forgotten.’ It’s not like Josie can just go back to pretend it’s not there,” he continued.

“The Josie we’ve come to know and love is someone who’s always putting others first, and Landon’s encouraging her to start to put herself first, so she’s going to have the classic struggle, which is, ‘do I risk my own relationship and give everyone the truth and their memories back, and find a way to do that? Or do I hide this and keep Linda to myself because we seem to be in love?’ That’s the question she’s going to be wrestling with going forward,” he teased.

As for what brings Freya to Legacies? While we didn’t see her this week, her return is “the question this episode leaves you with,” Brett Matthews said. “It will lead us to a character seeking answers and the help of a powerful witch, and that that journey goes perhaps as far as New Orleans. We’re very excited to have Riley back, and we know how much our fans love those moments. Julie, I, Thomas, all the writers… we love them too. We’re we’re just excited as everybody else is about that.”

Promotional photos from the November 21 episode “That’s Nothing I Had To Remember” can be found here.


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