Legacies: Julie Plec on What’s Up With Landon Legacies: Julie Plec on What’s Up With Landon
Legacies Executive Producer Julie Plec discusses the twist involving Landon Kirby at the conclusion of the show's first episode. Legacies: Julie Plec on What’s Up With Landon

Warning: Spoilers for the final moments of the pilot episode of the new CW television series Legacies titled “This Is The Part Where You Run” are being discussed within.

Although hints that something was a little bit different were offered earlier in the episode — after all, the man couldn’t seem to be compelled –it was revealed near the end of the first episode of Legacies that Landon Kirby, Hope’s seeming love interest played by Aria Shahghasemi, might be a lot more supernatural than we may have thought.

During our recent visit to the Legacies sets in Georgia, Executive Producer Julie Plec was asked about this surprise twist.

“I thought that Hope and Landon had a really nice, sweet simple step in the building that just a very basic introduction to a love story. Originally that’s all it was supposed to be,” Plec revealed.

“When I was writing the pilot I was like, ‘we’ve done this before and what if this doesn’t work? What if we go down the same road and it doesn’t work and we’d hinge this entire show on a relationship that fails?’ I thought, ‘what am I gonna do about that? Oh, twist. Make a twist. Make him maybe the bad guy. Make him a mystery!’ I think it turns that formula on its head in a way that will get people interested’,” she confirmed.

Julie does promise the mystery of Landon will be resolved over the course of the first season. “The question gets asked repetitively and new information comes to light every episode. The ultimate answer of is he supernatural at all and if so what is part of the season arc,” she said.

Legacies has a new episode airing TONIGHT (November 1) on The CW. See some photos from the episode here — and if you’d like, see our video interviews with the Legacies cast on our KSiteTV YouTube channel!

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