Legacies Interview: Quincy Fouse Is “The Boy Who Still Has A Lot Of Good To Do” Legacies Interview: Quincy Fouse Is “The Boy Who Still Has A Lot Of Good To Do”
Quincy Fouse talks about the Legacies episode "The Boy Who Still Has A Lot Of Good To Do" directed by Paul Wesley Legacies Interview: Quincy Fouse Is “The Boy Who Still Has A Lot Of Good To Do”

Quincy Fouse‘s “M.G.” has often been a burst of light in a world of vampires and werewolves on The CW series Legacies. A spinoff from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals which continues in that world, the Salvatore School is now a school for exceptional youngsters just outside of Mystic Falls.

Tonight’s new episode of the series — airing at 9PM ET/PT March 7 — hearkens back to the glory days of The Vampire Diaries in multiple ways. For one, it is directed by Paul Wesley who played Stefan Salvatore on the show for so many years. For another, it’s as twisty and turny as TVD was in its best days, with emotions running high and unexpected events for the viewer.

The episode is called “The Boy Who Still Has A Lot Of Good To Do,” and we spoke with Quincy Fouse, who plays M.G., the boy who still has a lot of good to do, about what it was like to have Paul Wesley directing the show as well as what his experience has been like so far. We get a glimpse into M.G.’s darker sides tonight, which makes now a perfect time to do an interview.

KSITETV’s CRAIG BYRNE: What was it like having Paul Wesley haunting the halls of the Salvatore house once again, now as your director?

QUINCY FOUSE: Man. It was dope, because he is the spirit of the show. I feel like Legacies has been a different type of show from The Originals and The Vampire Diaries, but dealing with this episode and him coming in and and bringing that old feel – it really put the spirit of us carrying the whole show on our backs, and allowed us to tap into more of that old spirit, to get the intimacy and the original Julie Plec vibe into our new Legacies world.

Is it a different feeling at all working for a director who is also an actor?

Every director is different. The way they talk, the way they they direct… that’s what makes certain directors cool for certain jobs and whatnot. the way Paul talked to us was [exactly] what you needed to hear as an actor in the TVD universe.

It was weird how specific he could walk up to you and get. You know that if you were shooting, like, a Disney show or some other type of film, the verbiage wouldn’t quite fit right, but because we’re here in this world, on this type of show, it’s kind of spot on. He just knows the world that he lives on. It was definitely kind of weird seeing how specific he could get with how he directed us. All around, it was a dope experience.

What can you say it all about M.G.’s return home?

It’s Spring Break, and through talking to Landon, it comes out that M.G .hasn’t really delved too deep into continuing to develop his relationship with his parents ever since he had left home and  went to the school. Landon ends up convincing him to go and seek his parents, because they haven’t had contact for so long, and M.G., Landon, and Rafael set out to track them down.

Were you as surprised as you think the audience might be when you read the script for tonight’s show?

Yes! [Laughs] Oh yeah. For sure. When I read that, I was like “What? No! NO! Are you serious?” It was crazy, so, yeah, it was a big shock.

How much of this backstory for M.G. where you clued in on earlier in the season?

Not too much. I did visit the writers’ room a couple of times, so I was able to get some glimpses here and there, but when I got this script, I think this was the first time I saw it all pan out. I feel like M.G.’s presence in the show up until now has been more of kind of device on the show, you know, as far as being the light in certain aspects, and being the comedy hero, and stuff like that. So when I came into this episode, I feel like this was the first time that we could see not only M.G.’s showing his world through those little moments with the rest of the gang, but we actually get to step into the world that I’ve been building this entire season.

How did it feel for you to meet the actors who played M.G.’s parents?

Oh, man! They’re dope! Me and Chris [Christopher B. Duncan, who plays Mr. Greasley] hit it off instantly. Of course, I got to talking to him about like the Jamie Foxx show because he was on there, and then also talking with Ash [Erica Ash], she is hilarious. She makes me laugh. I’ve been excited for the for the episode to come out, because I’ve got videos and stuff that I’ve taken with Ash, so I’ll post those. But yeah, it was dope. Working with them was incredible, and I couldn’t ask for better on-screen parents.

Being in the TVD universe, do you all live in fear that your character could die any week?

Of course! Yeah, that’s pretty much it. You watch the show, and the fact that it’s so normal. Like, why is this so normal? Why is it actually a thing that I could not have a job? [Laughs] So I’m just going to keep interacting with the fans, so if Julie does decide to kick me off the show, at least she’ll have some angry letters at her door, you know what I’m saying?

If they ever were to kill you off, are you at least hoping they’ll bring Cami on before then?

If they could give me a parting gift, that would have to be it. I need some chemistry. We need to grab lunch, she needs to tell me stories… this needs to happen. It needs to happen the way the fans want it to happen. I am a fan, so I’m allowed to say it needs to happen the way the fans want it to happen.

What can you tease about what’s coming up for the rest of the season?

For the rest of the season, I feel like we’re going to see each of these individual characters developing and coming into being what the school needs them to be, as these different trials come and plague the Salvatore School, there needs to be action taken by not just Ric and Dorian and Emma, but by the kids, too, and the journey that we watch everyone going through, including Hope, and she’s already as bad-ass as you can get.

The journey we watch these kids go through, it’s something crazy, man, and honestly ,when I when I look back on it, yes, there’s the theme of all the supernatural stuff, but it’s [also] growing up, dude. It’s being however old you are, growing up, and solving problems, and they use these extreme situations to kind of personify what it means to be a kid and have to deal with unfortunate situations, and having to deal with, you know, growing up and moving for the better, whether it was fair or not. That’s what I love most about the show, honestly.

Legacies “The Boy Who Still Has A Lot Of Good To Do” airs TONIGHT on The CW. See some preview images below!


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