Countdown to Legacies: Quincy Fouse (M.G.) Countdown to Legacies: Quincy Fouse (M.G.)
On-set interview with Quincy Fouse who plays M.G. on The CW television series Legacies Countdown to Legacies: Quincy Fouse (M.G.)

The series premiere of The CW’s Vampire Diaries and Originals sequel Legacies is headed our way in 5 days as of this writing, and there’s one particular character that’s bound to become a fan favorite — M.G., as played by Quincy Fouse. M.G. is a reliable friend to many at the Salvatore School, and he also happens to be a vampire. He’s one of several cast members we spoke with on our recent visit to the show’s sets in Georgia.

Funny enough, Fouse has already seen some of that love from the fans, before they’ve even seen the show. “They’re already coming at me like they’re in love with my character,” Quincy recalled about an Originals finale event that he attended, where he was already recognized. “Y’all don’t even know who M.G. is right now, you know? But it’s huge. It’s dope to come in and be part of such a powerhouse of a fandom.”

That fandom, he said, had the wrong idea of what the initials M.G. stand for. While the character’s actual name is “Milton Greasley,” a better name was rumored.

“When they hit me with that, I was like ‘you know what? I get it.’ Because in the past, it was Gladstone, and that’s what all the fans are saying that it is now. I was like ‘Gladstone? All right. It’s kinda weird, but it’s kinda cold,’ like Gladstone, you know what I mean? But when it was Greasley, I was like ‘oh, great. They’ve really got me lame now.’ That’s fine. That’s the character. It’s okay. I get it. And it hurts my psyche a little bit… but it’s fine. It’s a good time.”

With time, we will learn more about M.G.’s backstory. “I’ve been to the writers’ room, and I’ve talked to them about everything, and it seems they want to do something specific with it. What they want to do, I have no clue yet, but I feel like it is on the way,” he said.

M.G. is a vampire and the ability to compel people ties into a personal habit that Quincy Fouse exhibits. “Me as a person, I stare at people a lot, and it’s really weird, you know what I mean? I’m not too ashamed of it to the point where I’ve changed yet, ‘cause I’m just like looking at folks… so when I get to compel people, it’s like giving me permission to just look in somebody’s eyes, and just be there, and that’s a good time for me. Is that weird? Yes. I’m not gonna say it’s not. But now I get to bet to be me, so it’s a good time. I’m accepted. So, yeah. Compelling folks is pretty cool,” he told us.

A friendship we will see very on in the series is the one between M.G. and Josie Saltzman. “I’d say it’s the most solid relationship with respect, because the types of people that they are,” Quincy said. “M.G. is looking for this love and acceptance from people, and so he often puts himself in a place of service to other people in order to get that. His angle is a little bit naive in just receiving people’s affection. Josie’s a bit more grown up, and she does still live in that service, because she’s here for people. She’s here to support people. So there is a very big point of what the two people stand for, and that’s why their relationship is so strong, because they won’t use each other.”

And does M.G. learn about things like Gemini Twins and that sort of thing in his classes at the Salvatore School?

“I feel like stuff like that, it’s definitely taught, because we definitely do in depth about the history of every supernatural [thing] to their knowledge. So yeah. Stuff like that is taught,” Fouse said. “As far as ‘are people having these conversations on a personal level?’ I doubt Hope’s going around telling everyone that she’s a Tribrid and stuff like that. So, I don’t think everybody necessarily needs to know all of their personal business, but as far as the mere mythology of it all, I feel like that’s common knowledge, yeah.”

You can see more of Quincy Fouse’s on-set interview, including his knowledge of the Vampire Diaries/Originals universe, below. Come back to KSiteTV in the coming days for more interviews, and don’t miss the series premiere of Legacies Thursday, October 25 at 9PM ET/PT on The CW!

Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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