Advance Review: Nikita’s Story Concludes Friday With “Canceled”Advance Review: Nikita’s Story Concludes Friday With “Canceled”
Advance review of the Nikita season finale which is called Canceled Advance Review: Nikita’s Story Concludes Friday With “Canceled”

In a time where some TV shows are simply ended with no real resolution, The CW gave fans of Nikita a treat by giving the series a final order of six episodes for a fourth season. The last of those episodes, appropriately titled “Canceled,” airs Friday night, December 27.

CanceledIt is a little bit difficult to review such a climactic finale, as saying certain things one way or another would give away some of the twists and surprises — and there are many of those here. What I can tease is that there are flashbacks, there’s some Amanda being evil, and the recent death of a character was not in vain. I also will say that I, for one, was satisfied with where the story of Nikita concluded.

Nikita was always an interesting entry on The CW lineup – it certainly didn’t skew as young as Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries and other hits on the network. Also unlike most of the roster, this show featured a lead character (actually, several lead characters) who would actually kill people as a means to an end. No kiddie stuff here. Maggie Q played Nikita with a good balance of strength and often hidden vulnerability. The show boasted a really good cast, all of whom always seemed willing and able to promote the show. You got the feeling they loved the show as much as the fans who enjoyed it.

My recommendations going in? Watch the whole episode Friday night and you will be rewarded. If you have stepped away as a viewer, you’ll still be rewarded, because there are concepts that go all the way back to the beginning. Sure, the situations have changed often, but the core is still there.

Part of me would like to take a moment to complain that Nikita’s last run was only for six episodes. But you know what? At least they were six really good episodes…. and with this finale, I think the overall legacy of Nikita will make it so that it is remembered as a good show that was often overlooked, that more people will discover in the future via other methods.

From me, though, the Nikita season finale is highly recommended.


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