Kevin Can Wait Cancelled by CBS Kevin Can Wait Cancelled by CBS
CBS has cancelled Kevin James comedy Kevin Can Wait after two seasons. The show's series finale aired Monday, May 7th at 8:00. Kevin Can Wait Cancelled by CBS

Kevin Can Wait executive producer Andy Fickman has revealed that the CBS series has been cancelled after two seasons.

The news comes as a surprise given that easily syndicatable comedies that are decent performers tend to make it over the hump once they’ve accumulated two full seasons of episodes. Granted, stars Kevin James and Leah Remini were expensive but not enough to offset the show’s back-end potential and not enough to sink an okay performer on their own. Possibly hurting the show was the fact that it was a co-production between Sony and CBS, so negotiations for another season might’ve taken a turn over a complicated financial arrangement.

The writing was on the wall for CBS’s Monday comedies after the lot was left out of the network’s mass renewal. However, Kevin Can Wait seemed like the safest bet for renewal, especially considering how the network had treated Man with a Plan up until this point and despite of the controversy the show generated in killing off female lead Erinn Hayes. In the end, though, vertical integration won out and CBS picked fully owned (and less expensive) Man with a Plan over Kevin for the final comedy slot next year.

The series finale of Kevin Can Wait aired earlier this month on CBS.

Shilo Adams

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