Jane the Virgin: What Is “Chapter Ninety-Nine?” Jane the Virgin: What Is “Chapter Ninety-Nine?”
Jane the Virgin "Chapter Ninety-Nine" will be a look back at the series with interviews with the cast and creators. Jane the Virgin: What Is “Chapter Ninety-Nine?”

“Chapter One Hundred” of Jane the Virgin is the series finale, and we have some photos from that big event here… but what is planned for “Chapter Ninety-Nine?”

Airing in the hour before the series finale, “Chapter Ninety-Nine” is a celebratory look at the series as it goes into its final episode. Here’s how The CW describes it; like the series finale, it airs on July 31.

A CELEBRATORY EPISODE – Get ready for the finale with cast interviews from the cast of “Jane The Virgin” – Gina Rodriguez, Andrea Navedo, Yael Grobglas, Justin Baldoni, Brett Dier, Ivonne Coll, Jaime Camil, Elias Janssen, Anthony Mendez and executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman. Episode (#518).  Original airdate 7/31/2019.

See photos from the Jane the Virgin series finale here!


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