Interview: Rose McIver Discusses The Brains Behind iZombie Season 3 Interview: Rose McIver Discusses The Brains Behind iZombie Season 3
Interview with Rose McIver about iZombie Season 3, premiering tonight on The CW Interview: Rose McIver Discusses The Brains Behind iZombie Season 3

The third season of iZombie premieres tonight (April 4) at 9PM ET/PT on The CW, and the show will have a new dynamic now that Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) is in on Liv’s “secret.” There’s also new drama, as the organization called Fillmore Graves is becoming a larger part of the narrative which could also mean increased conflicts between humans and the undead. But best of all, at the center is still Liv (Rose McIver), whose acquired personalities via brains continue to be a highlight of the series.

Late last year, we spoke with McIver on the Vancouver sets of iZombie for some details about some of the brains we will see — and one in particular sounds really fun as Major gets in on the action too.

“There are all sorts of brains that Liv has this season,” McIver teased. “One of the earliest ones we see, which I love so much, is Liv and Major on father-daughter brains. Liv is the father and Major is the teenager. It’s the part Robert Buckley was born to play, a 16 year old schoolgirl, who’s singing along to pop songs on the radio in a beautiful falsetto. We’ve got a dominatrix brain. Clive and Ravi get the brunt of that. Especially now that Babineaux knows about Liv’s reason for the way she behaves, he’s going to have to deal with things in a different way, so that’s very funny,” she explained.

Babineaux being in on the secret also allows Liv to take on a bit more of a leadership role among this group of people. “I think you’re able to lead with much more confidence when you know that the people who you’re working with are all well informed, [and] they’re all on your team,” McIver said.

Rose also praised the way that the brains have integrated with the overall storylines this year, including a story that involves the brain of a Dungeons & Dragons “dungeon master.”

“[It] has been like learning a foreign language,” McIver said about filming the D&D episode. “I didn’t know that world growing up, but the good thing about that is because it’s somebody who is able to command groups and has a sense of adventure and a superior kind of voice throughout it, that flows into her own life and her ability to manipulate situations and make decisions for groups, and encourage people to adventure. So I think the bleed-through of the brain to storyline has been great this year, and people will enjoy that,” she promised.

iZombie Season 3 premieres tonight at 9PM on The CW. You can see some photos here and a trailer can be found below.

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