Into the Badlands and The Son Cancelled by AMC Into the Badlands and The Son Cancelled by AMC
AMC has officially cancelled martial arts drama Into the Badlands and western The Son, with the next batch of episodes for both their last. Into the Badlands and The Son Cancelled by AMC

AMC has revealed that Into the Badlands and The Son will conclude at the end of their current/upcoming seasons. Into the Badlands is in the middle of its third season, which has been on hiatus since June, while The Son has been on ice since its first season concluded in June 2017.

Season 3B of Into the Badlands will premiere Sunday, March 24th at 10:00 following The Walking Dead before moving to its regular Mondays at 10:00 slot the next night. The second and final season of The Son will finally see the light of day on Saturday, April 24th at 9:00.

Into the Badlands picks up with Sunny reluctantly joining forces with Pilgrim in order to help Henry; M.K. hell-bent on revenge after learning that Sunny was responsible for his mother’s death; and The Widow forced to confront her past as Moon races to save Lydia. The series, said to be more expensive than the average cable drama due to its visual effects and extraordinary fight scenes, completed production a while ago and had its actors released from their contracts not long after.

The Son season two finds Eli dealing with a Garrett Civil War trigged by his son Henry, while young Eli finds himself married and a respected Comanche warrior forced into a leadership position he doesn’t feel ready for. The series will introduce a third timeline, this time forcing Eli’s granddaughter Jeanne to confront a major family secret in 1988.

The cancellations of Into the Badlands and The Son comes as AMC Networks has seemingly gotten rid of the notion of networks and embraced simulcasting in lieu of each network having its own scripted brand. Gone seems to be the AMC that gave solid runs with complete closure to low-rated but well-regarded series like Turn: Washington’s Spies and Halt and Catch Fire, lost to a lower scripted budget and the ornery beast that is corporate #synergy.


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