Video: Maggie Q On Nikita’s Final Season & Divergent’s Tori Video: Maggie Q On Nikita’s Final Season & Divergent’s Tori
Interview with Maggie Q about the final season of Nikita Video: Maggie Q On Nikita’s Final Season & Divergent’s Tori

The final season of The CW’s Nikita airs later this year with six sure-to-be-action-packed episodes. These concluding episodes will wrap the Nikita saga and they will pick up a few months after the Season 3 cliffhanger.

True BelieverWe spoke with Maggie Q briefly at this year’s Comic-Con for some scoop – video of the interview can also be found below – and she also spoke a little bit about her upcoming film adaptation of the young adult novel Divergent, where she plays Tori. But first, what’s up with Nikita when the show comes back?

“We’re going to start with a little bit of a time lapse, which we needed,” she confirms. “I was picturing that we pick up a year later, which would have been cool, too. It’s a hard thing. You’ve got to find that balance,” she says.

“I kind of want to see, when we come into it, Nikita living this life… she sleeps two hours a night by now, and when she closes her eyes, it’s a nightmare scenario; all of it. Where she’s gone, where she’s going, where she won’t go… all of that. So it’s not the same Nikita. We’re not going to pick up with that sort of hopeful fighter. I think more than anything, she wants to clear her name, not for her, but so that the people that she’s always been associated with will never, ever be in danger,” she continues.

2.0Nikita’s current situation may sound like it echoes where the series started, where the character was virtually a loner, but Maggie describes the new scenario as “a little bit sadder.” “She knows what she can have, and she’s built this thing, whereas I feel like in the beginning, she had nothing. She was a bonafide – not just loner, but no family, no friends, no real allies – with Alex, she had to build her as an ally. So with this, it’s like when you have that taste of who you love, and who you know, and happiness, and then it gets taken away because of some crazy b!tch that told you it was going to go away… that is a nightmare scenario. It just really is, because Amanda called it from the beginning, and that’s very bitter and sad,” she says.

How would Maggie like to see the series end? “Craig [Silverstein] and I have discussed that it would be really cool if, in the end, Nikita actually got to step into the spotlight, and say ‘This is my name. This is who I am. This is what I’ve been through.’ That makes me feel emotional, because this is someone who’s had to hide her whole life…. so that would be nice,” she says hopefully.

After Nikita wraps, we will see Maggie Q next in Divergent. “I fell into this weird pocket where I was on hiatus, and that’s when we did the first movie. I play Tori, which is really interesting. Tori is the mentor character to Shailene Woodley’s character in the movie. It’s funny, because I have a lot of practice with that, with Alex, but at the same time, I’ve fallen into this ‘I’m the mentor now’ – I’m not that young person anymore. What I love about Tori is that there’s a build with her. She’s this really mysterious character in the first one, and you’re like ‘how does she know what she knows?’ and in Insurgent, the second one, we’re really going to get into her. It’s going to be great,” she says.

Nikita Season 4 premieres later this year, with the actual date to be announced. Check out some of our other Nikita interviews and also, enjoy the video below:


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