The Goldbergs: The Real Adam Goldberg Talks Season 3 The Goldbergs: The Real Adam Goldberg Talks Season 3
Interview with the real Adam F. Goldberg, creator and inspiration for The Goldbergs TV series The Goldbergs: The Real Adam Goldberg Talks Season 3

The Goldbergs is a unique show in the TV landscape in that in at least in some way, some of the characters are real.

Yes, you read that right: The characters are based on real people. Which also means, Beverly Goldberg exists, as many have discovered by following her on Twitter.

Her son, Adam F. Goldberg, is the creator of The Goldbergs, the popular ABC sitcom which sees its third season starting tonight (September 23) at 8:30PM ET/PT. We spoke with the real Adam at this summer’s press tour to find out a bit more about what we can expect from The Goldbergs Season 3. And, of course, we had to ask him about his mom. You can read that interview below.

ADAM GOLDBERG (CREATOR/EXECUTIVE PRODUCER)KSITETV’s CRAIG BYRNE: Is your real-life mother enough of a “smother” that she would have attended your TCA press tour session?

ADAM F. GOLDBERG: Oh, without a doubt. I mean, the only thing that’s keeping her away is that I didn’t tell her about it. Let’s be honest, here.

She probably found out about it on Twitter.

I know she did. I bet she did. She has more Twitter followers than some of our cast.

When I was 16, I was having a play performed, and it was like a professional production. The director came backstage, and said “You’ve gotta get control of your mother. She’s out there handing out your plays, she’s saying she’s your agent…” So, you know, I knew this at an early age, that I had to keep control of the smother. If I unleash it, forget about it.

STEPHEN TOBOLOWSKY, WENDI MCLENDON-COVEYYou had mentioned that your family has some rules about certain videos you’re not allowed to use. Have any of your friends contacted you forbidding you from anything?

Nobody. My friends, in fact, are sending me video tapes that I didn’t even know existed, where I’d go over to their house hanging out, and we’d make videos that I didn’t even remember. And they’re like “PUT THIS ON THE SHOW!” I’m getting more and more. It’s great. My high school sent me every video I ever made for class projects… I didn’t have any copies of them… and they gave me everything from the late 80’s to ’94. I’ve already used a couple.

Are you ultimately thankful that Paul Lee convinced you to let the show be called “The Goldbergs?”

It’s very complicated, because, for example: Let’s say I do an episode where Beverly wants to move in with Adam when she retires, and Adam at the end of the episode says “Mom, you could live with me any time you want.” My mom will watch that, and then call me and go “so I can move in with you, right? Because the character on the show just said — !” So, it’s very complicated. Times like that – no, but I think from a branding standpoint and making it different – yes.

SEAN GIAMBRONEIs there any chance you’re going to let Sean Giambrone (the show’s Adam Goldberg) keep his hair [that he had at TCA Press Tour]?

No. It grew in like a week like that. It’s crazy.

What are you the most excited about for Season 3?

I mean, we’re starting with a Risky Business episode, which is starting, I think, too big. It’s already a logistical nightmare. Sony’s cursing my name, that I’m doing this… but that one, and this Johnny Five-Short Circuit episode, I’m really excited about. It’s one of my favorite 80’s movies. And I’m really excited about the Barry-Laynie relationship. I love giving Barry a girlfriend because he’s the most unequipped guy to be in love. I’m excited to see George and Wendi and Jeff every day, too. They’re the best.

The Goldbergs Season 3 premieres TONIGHT on ABC! Below, find some preview images from “A Kick-Ass Risky Business Party.”


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THE GOLDBERGS - "A Kick-Ass Risky Business Party" - Lainey, Erica and Barry plan a big "Risky Business" inspired party at her home, just like the movie, while Lainey's dad is out of town. Later, when the party gets out of control, Beverly jumps to the rescue and Lainey is happy to have a mother figure like Beverly in her life, but for how long? Meanwhile, Adam's relationship with Dana by talking to her for hours on the phone angers Murray. As a result, Adam tries a bunch of new ways to contact her since she's moved away, on the season premiere of "The Goldbergs," WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 (8:30-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Ron Tom)HAYLEY ORRANTIA

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