The Flash Interview: Candice Patton on Barry/Patty, Wally West & More The Flash Interview: Candice Patton on Barry/Patty, Wally West & More
Interview with Candice Patton of The CW television series The Flash The Flash Interview: Candice Patton on Barry/Patty, Wally West & More

A new episode of The Flash airs tonight at 8PM (ET/PT) tonight on The CW. The episode is called “The Darkness and the Light” and it looks like Iris West, the well-loved character played by Candice Patton, will be playing a large role.

A few weeks back, we spoke with Patton at the Vancouver studio of The Flash. Video of the interview can be found below — though be aware that this interview was conducted before the third episode of Season 2 had aired, so things are teased that we have already seen.

Below, you can read some highlights from our group’s Q&A with Patton; the full video interview follows below.

FLA201b_0388bCan you talk about how Iris will be juggling her career with her time at STAR Labs?

That’s an interesting question, and I’m still trying to figure that out on the show myself. Iris, we know her as the iconic reporter from the Picture News, but the thing is, she’s now kind of a part of Team Flash, which is really cool. I’m enjoying seeing her just being in STAR Labs and feeling like she’s a part of the team, and that she’s no longer kept in the dark… you’ll definitely see more of that this season, but it’s important to remember that she is a reporter and that’s how we know her, and that we will mostly – soon, hopefully – start to see her show up in Picture News mostly.

FLA205B_0140bHow does being a reporter who is intimately involved with stories and having to keep secrets — ethically, how do you wrestle with that as a reporter?

The problem is, we haven’t really delved into that yet, so I don’t know how the writers are going to handle that, but just me guessing as an actor… the thing is, Iris has a moral integrity to be a great reporter, but at the same time, she loves her city and she loves Barry Allen, and she will do anything to protect that. So, I think that would probably be her number one priority, is making sure that the identity of The Flash stays secret so that he could do his job, which is to protect Central City. And sometimes that means that as a reporter, you have to bend the rules.

FLA201b_0406bWill we see any more of Iris’ reaction to losing Eddie, or is that all in the past?

You see moments of it. It’s not heavy in this season, I will say that. I think we wanted to not spend so much time seeing Iris grieve over an entire season. I think we kind of tried to cover that with the six month advance in the Season 2 premiere. It’s been six months; she’s had time to absorb what’s happened. She’s not in deep grief anymore. It doesn’t mean that she’s not aware of the fact that she lost the man that she loves; we just won’t see it playing a heavy role in Season 2.

How does Iris deal with Barry’s developing relationship with Patty?

All these new women, man. Ahhh! Well, it’s funny, I think… I don’t know what I can say about this without getting in trouble… but I think what’s important is, you know, Iris loves Barry and wants to see him happy, and it’s the same thing I think we saw with Barry and Eddie and Iris last season – as hard as it was for him, he just wanted her to be happy. So I think when Iris sees that Barry has an interest in a woman – and a really great woman, at that – that she’s quite supportive and quite happy for the both of them.

What can you tell us about this year’s holiday episode?

It’s a lot about family, which is a big plot point for Iris this season, so that’s really exciting. Other than that, I don’t know if there’s much more I can say. We see a reappearance of some Rogues from the past that we know very well… it’s a good Christmas episode, just like the last one. Good villain, and good love, and good heart.

wallyWhat can you hint at about Wally West coming into the picture, and what kind of interactions they will have?

They will be having interactions. What can I say? We definitely know Wally’s going to make an appearance. I know that’s a huge point of excitement for a lot of fans. I personally don’t know very much. I can’t really say when he’ll appear, how he will appear, what the relationship between him and I will be like… so, all I can say is “yes, I’m sure we will share some sort of dialogue.”

You can see the full interview below, where she talks about what she’s currently filming, whether or not she is involved with the Arrow crossover, and more. Don’t miss a new Flash tonight – official photos can be found here!


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