The Flash: Andrew Kreisberg & Tom Cavanagh Preview “Out Of Time” The Flash: Andrew Kreisberg & Tom Cavanagh Preview “Out Of Time”
Andrew Kreisberg and Tom Cavanagh preview the Flash episode Out of Time The Flash: Andrew Kreisberg & Tom Cavanagh Preview “Out Of Time”

“Out Of Time” is the title of the new episode of The Flash airing on Tuesday night, and to describe it in only two words, actor Tom Cavanagh says “hashtag #Gamechanger.”

S030X-317-FLA-110-14We spoke with him, Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg, and costar Candice Patton this morning at a Q&A following a screening of the March 17 episode. Many of the things Candice had to say might be considered spoilery, so today at least, we’re sticking to comments from the two guys.

“With no disrespect to any of the other directors or episodes that we’ve produced, I think that this is the best episode we’ve done. It’s everything that The Flash can do… I don’t mean Barry Allen as the hero; I mean as a TV show,” Andrew Kreisberg promises. “I feel like this episode delivers in spades. It’s got amazing visual effects that you just don’t see on television. It’s full of heart. It’s full of romance. It’s full of genuine scares, and it’s really like the best version of this show,” he adds.

Tom Cavanagh assures that the excitement will continue to grow as The Flash’s first season goes on. “One of the greatest things about television as opposed to two hours. We can put 15 hours in prior to this, so we have investment. And then you read something like this, and you get to pay off a little bit, and then the danger is ‘is it the slippery slide of the slope?’ What’s been so impressive for us is that is a really strong episode of television, and yet, in the moments to come, we’re spring boarding off it. The danger is you do something like this and it’s a pinnacle and you slide down, and this is not the case,” he promises.

The Flash is new Tuesday night, March 17 on The CW! Take a look at a sizzle reel from upcoming episodes here!

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