The 100 Interview: Lindsey Morgan Talks About What Happens After [SPOILER]’s Death The 100 Interview: Lindsey Morgan Talks About What Happens After [SPOILER]’s Death
Lindsey Morgan previews what is coming up for Raven on her CW television show The 100 The 100 Interview: Lindsey Morgan Talks About What Happens After [SPOILER]’s Death

The 100′s Finn (Thomas McDonell) is dead, killed in the most recent episode of the series, which was called “Spacewalker.”

A character who will be very heavily affected by that, Raven, will deal with that loss in tonight’s episode of the show, which is called “Remember Me.” (Official images from the episode can be found here.) In anticipation of tonight’s show, we spoke with actress Lindsey Morgan who pays Raven about what’s coming up, but first, we started on a positive note — asking her about her reaction to the show being picked up for Season 3 already.

HU02_RAVEN_1422What did she have to say? Read on, and be warned, spoilers may be discussed!

KSITETV’s CRAIG BYRNE: What was your reaction when you found out that The 100 was already renewed for a third season?

LINDSEY MORGAN: I was excited. We found out so early; I couldn’t believe it! I was like ‘is this a joke? Did they misprint it?’ It took me a second to let it even process, and it was so great, because we were on set the next day, and everybody was just hugging and congratulating each other. It was a really great way to get back to work after break. It was awesome.

Let’s just hope Raven is still alive to see a third season.

Yeah! I know, right? I was like ‘wait. Why am I celebrating? I can die at any moment!’

His Sister’s KeeperWhen you first took the role of Raven, were you told the backstory that Finn had covered for her back in the day?

You know what? No. I was kind of like ‘dang!’ just because I feel like we could have thrown little shades of that color into places. It’s funny because there was kind of a rumor in the middle of the first season, and I remember Thomas McDonell [who played Finn] telling me telling that at first, but Thomas is like the ultimate prankster, and I’m so gullible. He told me things all the time, and I’m like ‘Oh my gosh, really?’ and none of it was ever true! So, he told me then, and I learned a lesson by that point, so I didn’t believe it. I was like ‘yeah, whatever, yeah right,’ and then when everything was happening at the beginning of the season, and I learned they were going to do it, I was shocked. I was like ‘Oh my gosh! He was actually kind of telling me the truth!’

Was it hard for you to keep the secret of what happened to Finn, especially when a group of journalists visited the set in October as these episodes were filming?

It was so hard. But honestly, you know what? They kept it a secret from the cast pretty much the whole time. Even when we got the script for episode 8, it omitted the last page that said that Finn dies. We didn’t even get it in our e-mail. They didn’t even e-mail it to us, because they didn’t want any kind of spoilers or any kind of leaking. It wasn’t until we had a table read – which we never do, because we’re just like go, go, go – we had a random table read, and everybody found out together that Finn was dying.

HU208B_0330bHow is Raven going to react to Clarke when the show picks up again? She looked pretty pissed last time we saw her.

Raven’s not Clarke’s biggest fan at the moment. Raven is furious.

Raven has gotten past the whole “romantic feelings for Finn” and everything. That’s no longer an issue. But now, Finn’s her family, so how would you feel if your friend killed your family? It’s not like Clarke didn’t know how important Finn was to her. She even said, I think it was in Episode 6 of the first season… she tells Finn to go back to Raven, because he’s all she has. So she knows about Raven and his history, she knows their family connections, and how important he is to her. It’d literally be the same as if Clarke killed Bellamy, and how Octavia would feel. It’s a pretty unforgivable act, and Raven’s furious at her for it.

How does Raven think the Finn situation should have been handled?

You know, I think Raven didn’t even have the whole chance to process everything, because she wasn’t there at the village. She didn’t really understand what was going on, and what exactly it entailed. He never really opened up to her like he used to, and tell her where he was mentally.

As soon as Raven heard the news that they wanted to come for him, they were coming in a day, so it was kind of like Raven was only acting on pure survival instinct and protection instinct. Like, ‘I don’t care what we have to do. We’ll do anything just to make sure you’re safe.’ I think looking back, if Raven had to sit down and think about it… I don’t know! That’s a tough decision. That’s also why Raven’s not Chancellor. [laughs] Maybe she would go to war with the Grounders. So much bad blood has been between them. Or, maybe The 100 should just move – find some new land that’s not full of Grounders – and say ‘you know, my bad. We’ll ship out!’

Why not just kick out the people that have Mount Weather and live there, and have free cake?

Exactly! They have better views, they’re on the water… they have cake!

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 2.43.16 PMThe 100 has some fantastic new opening titles for Season 2. What did you think when you saw them?

I love them. I’m a big Game of Thrones fan, and I love the Game of Thrones opening credits so much. Literally, I’ve timed it. It’s a minute and forty six seconds, but I watch it every time, because it’s so cool, how it unravels and shows you the world, and shows you the map, and everything. I watch it and I try and find something new, and where everything is located in the world, so I love that.

When you watch ours, it’s the same! I think there are some Easter eggs planted amongst our credits. So if you really watch closely, you’ll see things that come up in the show that are purposely put in there. So I think that’s a really cool aspect to it, and I just think my name looks super cool flashing across the screen like that!

If Raven were to have another love interest in the future, who would you like it to be?

I would like to see Raven and Jasper hanging out. They’re both smart and into building things, and I think she could use someone to make her laugh. I always thought they would be a cute couple. I think she might be a little rough around the edges for him, but I think he could be into that.

How is doing the show different now, with so many of the “adults” around?

I love it! I love the adult cast. I think they’re such brilliant, grounded actors, and every time I work with them, I learn something new. They’ve been great. We’ve been having a lot of fun. Ian [Henry Ian Cusick] is hilarious, and is such a prankster. Him and Bob [Morley] are the worst together. They’re always cracking jokes and just being so silly. And then, I love working with Paige [Turco]. She’s one of my favorite people to work with. She’s so sweet, and fun, and just so giving.

I still haven’t been able to work with Isaiah [Washington] too much, and that’s something I’ve really wanted to do, because I think he’s so cool. I love Jaha on the show. Jaha’s one of my favorite characters, for sure.

The 100 returns TONIGHT at 9PM ET after an all-new Arrow. Take a look at some photos from “Remember Me” here! Our thanks to Lindsey Morgan for talking with us!


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