Supernatural Interviews: Ackles, Padalecki & Collins Preview “Hunteri Heroici”Supernatural Interviews: Ackles, Padalecki & Collins Preview “Hunteri Heroici”
The leads of The CW's Supernatural talk about tonight's episode, Hunteri Heroici Supernatural Interviews: Ackles, Padalecki & Collins Preview “Hunteri Heroici”

Several weeks ago, KSiteTV visited the Vancouver sets of Supernatural to try and get some scoop about Season 8. While there, we witnessed actors Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins as well as guest star Mike Farrell as they navigated a green screen situation. The episode is called “Hunteri Heroici,” and as you’ll see tonight at 9PM (ET) on The CW, it seems the characters of Supernatural are going to a very animation-inspired place.

“We find out about a really weird case,” Jared told us about the episode. “It’s one of kind or our favorites that we shoot because it’s not too deep and dark and heavy and so mythology-based. [There are] a very Looney Tunes cartoony series of deaths that gets us involved. We go and we find out there’s an ex-hunter who might be involved somehow or another. We don’t know if he’s hunting and staking it out but we go and meet up and the ex-hunter is an esteemed guest star who I used to go to sleep watching, so it’s really fun,” he says of guest star Mike Farrell, who played “B.J. Hunnicut” for most of the long running TV series M*A*S*H.

“It was All in the Family and M*A*S*H as I was going to bed, so I kind of fan girled out today,” Padalecki admits. “[It] was nice and cool, but it was [also] neat to have that kind of depth of an actor. We were acting green screen today that I can’t wait for the fans to see. I can’t wait to see, myself.”

“You know, a lot of times in Supernatural, the more comic romps don’t really tie into the mythology as much. They’re more one-offs,” Misha Collins explains, admitting that sometimes these sorts of episodes tie into a greater mythology. “Actually, ‘The French Mistake’ actually did tie into the mythology and it was kind of absurd and this one is kind of in that vein, because it ties into the mythology, but it’s very bizarre,” he says. He, too, describes working with Mike Farrell as “really kind of amazing.

“The great thing with our show is that we haven’t really found where our parameters are yet,” Jensen Ackles says about this episode. “You take episodes like ‘Changing Channels’ or you take episodes like ‘The French Mistake’ where we go so outside the box, but yet, we always somehow find a way to bring it back, to make it make sense. This is one of those off-the-wall episodes. It’s not something we’ve done before. When I heard the concept, I was like ‘REALLY?’ But I’ve had that reaction several times with this show, and it’s always worked out.”

You can see the episode for yourself tonight at 9PM on The CW. Images from “Hunteri Heroici” can be found here and you’re all welcomed to come talk about it on our Supernatural forum!

Disclaimer: Arrangements for our Vancouver set visits were provided by Warner Bros. Television.

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