SDCC: Joel Wyman Discusses Almost Human Casting & Possible Fringe Guests SDCC: Joel Wyman Discusses Almost Human Casting & Possible Fringe Guests
Interview with Joel Wyman, executive producer and creator of Almost Human. SDCC: Joel Wyman Discusses Almost Human Casting & Possible Fringe Guests

One of the most intriguing new pilots for the upcoming TV season is FOX’s Almost Human, a concept taking place in the future where police are given android partners on the beat. The series shoots in Vancouver on the sets that once housed Fringe, and like Fringe, it is executive produced by Joel Wyman, who also created the new show.

Almost Human stars Karl Urban (Judge Dredd) and Michael Ealy (Underworld: Awakening), two actors who had an immediate chemistry on screen — casting choices that seemed very fortunate for Mr. Wyman.

“I’m so fortunate, because they’re so great. They really transcend everything and make me look good,” Wyman admitted to us in the Almost Human press room at this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego. “Karl was the first to be cast, and I knew he was the guy. We had a nice, great conversation, and he was very interested in the things we were trying to say with the program, and he’s very interested in the vision, so he committed right away. I think that was a really good coup, because to me, he’s a really good actor, and I know he has options to do features and all that, so for him to be a part of this is probably lucky,” he said.

“And then came Michael,” he continued. “I had seen Michael in the past in many things, and I was looking for somebody who was human. The thing about Michael Ealy that I don’t know if a lot of you guys know, but he’s legitimately one of the greatest people I’ve ever met in my life. He’s just such a kind person, and he has such a gentleness about him, and he’s so authentic. He cares deeply about everything. Once we had those guys, everything else sort of fell into place. They just naturally have this charisma together. It’s great.”

This isn’t the first time Wyman has been surrounded by a talented cast — Fringe saw him working with talented actors like John Noble, Joshua Jackson, and Anna Torv. Might we see any of those folks on Wyman’s new show, and if so, which one would he like to see? “All of them,” he told us. “Every single person. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about Fringe in some way, shape, or form. I keep in touch with everybody, and of course I want to bring them all back. But it’s got to be worthy. If you’re bringing John Noble back, you’d better do something pretty good!”

Despite characters being injured or killed in the Almost Human pilot, there is a hope to the future of the series. “I didn’t want it to be dystopian,” Wyman admitted. “I wasn’t interested in that, because I don’t believe that. I believe the human race will get wise, and will be able to interact with technology in ways that aren’t necessarily going to make it rain all the time.”

Unless there are any more changes to the FOX schedule, Almost Human premieres on Monday, November 4. Take a look at an official promo trailer below:


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