Revolution: Tracy Spiridakos Talks Season 2Revolution: Tracy Spiridakos Talks Season 2
Interview with Tracy Spiridakos about Revolution Season 2 Revolution: Tracy Spiridakos Talks Season 2

The second season of Revolution begins September 25 on NBC, and as the season begins, Charlie Matheson is a woman on a mission. Having lost friends and very close family during Season 1, and not agreeing with the choices of her mother in the finale, it seems like things have come crashing down. What’s she going to do? We asked Tracy Spiridakos, the actress who plays Charlie, for some hints.

Revolution - Season 2“It takes place three months after,” Tracy tells us, implying that we might not get to see a whole lot of the confrontation that Charlie and Rachel had after the events of the Revolution Season 1 finale. “You get a little glimpse of some things at the very beginning, but we don’t really discuss what happened.”

“There’s a lot of hurt feelings there,” she continues. There’s a lot of damage done, and it’s too much at this point for Charlie. Charlie actually splits, and she goes on her own little journey. Too much has happened, and she’s got to go check it out for herself.” Where does she go? After Monroe, of course. “Her goal is to get rid of that guy. Although we love David [Lyons]. She’s pretty angry right now. At the beginning, she was all about family, and all about doing the right thing, and all that, and so much has happened, that now she doesn’t know where her morals lie. She doesn’t know what decision’s right, what decision’s wrong. She’s just emotionally shut down. So I don’t know what will happen if she interacts with Monroe. I can’t see it going very well, honestly,” Spiridakos teases.

Revolution - Season 2Charlie’s quest may mean we won’t immediately see more of the relationship between her and Jason. At the time this interview was conducted, Tracy had just started shooting Season 2, and hadn’t been told what would happen next. “I’m sure at some point they’ll probably cross paths, interact again, but so far, right now, Charlie’s just flyin’ solo,” she tells us.

Season 2 of Revolution has a new filming location in Texas, and the show itself will have a different feel. “This season is a bit grittier,” Tracy says. “It’s a bit dirtier. It’s still the same show that we know and love, but it’s got a little different kick to it.”

The Revolution season premiere, “Born In The U.S.A.,” airs Wednesday, September 25 at 8PM (ET) on NBC. Take a look at some images from the premiere!

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