Revolution: David Lyons On The State Of Monroe In Season 2 Revolution: David Lyons On The State Of Monroe In Season 2
Interview with David Lyons, who plays Sebastian Monroe on NBC's Revolution Revolution: David Lyons On The State Of Monroe In Season 2

The second season of Revolution is here in less than three weeks, premiering on September 25, and when things pick up for the new season, things are going to be very different for Sebastian Monroe, the character played by David Lyons.

Revolution - Season 2We spoke with Mr. Lyons this summer at Comic-Con for some insight to what we can expect in Season 2.

“We’re picking it up after the bombs dropped, so there’s been some dispersion of all of the characters. We will find ourselves in very, very different scenarios,” the actor who played the former leader of the Monroe Republic reveals. “The bombs have dropped, and the East Coast of America is now rubble, and the emotional weight of that, to the characters that were in the tower that could have stopped it, is huge, so you see them start to break apart and change. Likewise, Monroe, I think, has a deep sense of relief that he’s no longer at the top of the tree. He’s off roguing his way around whorehouses. That’s a term that Eric uses, not me. I call them ‘ladies of the night’,” he points out.

This place that Monroe ends up, which is “somewhere in a Colorado sort of area,” sees Bass “fighting for coin” — and he just might see another of the show’s regular characters while he’s there. If Lyons’ hints are to be analyzed, we’re pretty sure that someone will be Charlie. “We know that Charlie has gone rogue, and we know that she wants blood,” she teases. “She wants my blood, and she might get a little bit of it. We’ll see what happens.”

So is the power back? “Yes and no,” he says. “In terms of the mythology, in terms of what happens in the tower, a lot of the science behind it starts to get scrambled due to the nanotechnology. So, and I’m sorry that I’m being so ridiculously cautious with this, but the nature of the world has been totally changed. So, the people that are in the tower, I was not one of them, but they have changed from the experience in the tower,” he hints.

“With this show, it’s been almost like a quiet apocalypse, but now that they dropped the bomb, it’s kind of a post-apocalyptic show, because they’ve had one and now they’ve had another, very noisy one,” he says, pointing out that while the tone of the show has “absolutely changed,” it feels more like a 10:00 show than ever. “It’s a lot more grimy; a lot dirtier; a lot darker. So that whole world, in terms of the look of the characters, and in terms of the motivation of the characters, we’re getting into that kind of true post-apocalyptic grime. You see humanity at its very best and its very, very worst. So when there’s darkness, it’s very, very dark,” he tells us.

And as for Monroe’s fixation on Miles… how might that story end? Lyons has some thoughts. “It has to go one of two ways. In terms of the mythology of it, I either have to die saving him, or we have to somehow come together. Or he dies saving me. That’s never gonna happen,” he laughs.

Revolution Season 2 premieres September 25 on NBC. Come back soon for more interviews!


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