Powers: The Bendis Interview (Part 2) Powers: The Bendis Interview (Part 2)
Part 2 of KSiteTV's interview with Powers co-creator Brian Michael Bendis Powers: The Bendis Interview (Part 2)

Powers co-creator Brian Michael Bendis wrote this week’s episode of the Powers PlayStation Original Series, “Level 13,” which can be purchased to watch on the PlayStation Powers website as of earlier this week. The episode is a game changer and had some major happenings that lead directly to the Powers season finale which will be available Tuesday.

We spoke with him last week – you can find Part 1 of our interview here – and today, it’s time to continue that discussion. Be aware that Part 2 of this interview talks about spoilers for this week’s show, so if you haven’t seen it yet, bookmark this page, watch the episode, and then come back.

Our thanks, again, to Mr. Bendis for taking the time to speak with KSiteTV, and our apologies to KSiteTV readers that Part 2 ran a few days late – technical issues on the website prevented us from posting sooner.

4331180-powers2014001_dc11-0KSITETV’s CRAIG BYRNE: Have there been any performances from the actors in Powers that have changed the way that you write their counterparts in the comic (pictured to your right, created by Bendis and artist Michael Avon Oeming)?

BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS: Not yet. Again, I’m not totally aware of myself in that area yet. I’ll have to step back in a year and look at it, and see if it did. So not right now. It’s also – the characters in the comic are, like, 5 or 6 years ahead, chronologically, than the show would be. So we’re in a different place with the characters. It’s a different universe.

I had a long lunch with Sharlto, and we were talking about all of the things that we could do, so I sent him the latest 2 issues – the brand-new Powers #1 and Powers #2, which just so happened to show Walker in about as dark a place as the character will ever go, and I got an all-caps response from him, he was excited. He was like OH WE HAVE TO DO THIS. I was like ‘yes, I agree!’ So, it’s exciting that we have all these places to go, that the comic book offers a version of, and also that there are places that the actors and the nature of the show will take us that the comic book will never go to, or has never gone to.

retrogirlOn the note of the comics, for people who aren’t familiar: Is there a particular collection you would recommend? Can you talk about the new volume as well?

For the people who like single issues, we just started a new volume. It’s published by Marvel Comics, even though they’re owned by us. They’re on the stands right now. But the very first trade – the very first collection of Powers, if you want to see where it all started, is – spoilers – “Who Killed Retro Girl?” So, you dive head-first, and you see the direct similarities and differences between the show and the comic. I think they’re pretty interesting. Some of the stuff that I’ve enjoyed hearing from people, is people describing what they liked about the similarities and the differences between both.

powersjasonpatricSpeaking of “Who Killed Retro Girl,” will the original FX Powers pilot ever be released anywhere?

I don’t know. I actually don’t even know who owns it, to be honest with you. Probably Sony. It’s funny, nobody wanted to see it until they thought they couldn’t see it. [Laughs] It’s a curiosity, for sure. It’s very different than what’s on the air right now; it’s completely different. It’s not that there’s anything in there that you go “oh, my God, you’ve gotta see blah-blah-blah-blah-blah.” It’s not as exciting to compare and contrast as you think it would be.

The only thing that’s interesting with the original pilot, is Corey Stoll’s in it, and there’s a lot of actors that ended up becoming a big deal right afterward. That’s interesting. But other than that, the show that’s on the air is far superior. The other pilot’s not a flat-out disaster. It would be interesting if it was a flat-out disaster, like the Wonder Woman pilot. It just didn’t go.

POWERS_109-010615-0087_RD_RTAt the end of “Level 13,” Wolf is now on the loose and he, Walker, and Johnny are all “back together.” Can you talk about that, and what it could mean for the season finale?

There’s devastation, and chaos, and madness! Someone just turned on a hurricane! Because at this point, I see Wolfe as a force of nature; as a weather pattern. How do you fight this? And the whole season, they’re like “don’t let him out! Don’t let him out! And, you let him out.” So, what will he do next?

POWERS_109-010615-0018_RD_RTCan you talk about Eddie Izzard’s performance as Wolf?

Absolutely. I’ve gotta tell ya. Way before Eddie got hired — I am a huge fan of great comedians taking their dramatic turns as actors. I love them. Albert Brooks and Robin Williams and Steve Martin — Bill Hader’s starting to do it now — Richard Belzer on Law & Order, people forget that Richard Belzer was the edgiest comedian of all time, and now he’s everyone’s cop. There’s something – because comedians have such observational tools – they’re just watching the world in a unique way, and, as many comedians have pointed out, there’s a darkness; an anger that rises in comedy, where the best comedians are pissed off, right? So, to dive into that – particularly with Eddie in real life being such a charming and generous person… We didn’t invent this Eddie. Eddie did this on Hannibal, where he showed a different flavor. Hannibal revealed the Eddie darkness, and when we found out that he would do this, we were like “That’s gonna be so good!” And he has delivered. Even covered in blood, and naked, he is just giving everything an actor could give to this, in the best way. I couldn’t speak highly enough of him as a person, and for what he brought to all of this. He was so nice to my friends in New York when we were out promoting Powers. He’s such a good dude.

The Powers season finale will be available Tuesday, April 29, and you can get a hold of the finale and all previous episodes here.


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