Once Upon A Time 100: Lana Parrilla On Regina’s Layers Once Upon A Time 100: Lana Parrilla On Regina’s Layers
Interview with Lana Parrilla about playing the Evil Queen in 100 episodes of Once Upon A Time on ABC Once Upon A Time 100: Lana Parrilla On Regina’s Layers

The 100th episode of Once Upon A Time is almost here for fans on the East Coast — airing at 8PM on ABC — and before you all get to watch “Souls of the Departed,” how about the last and sadly shortest of our interviews from the Episode 100 Red Carpet?

Lana ParrillaWe caught Lana Parrilla as she was literally about to go in and cut the cake with her cast mates, so, sadly, our time was short. But, of course, with it being Lana Parrilla, the answer was still great and thoughtful, as we asked her about the many layers she has gotten to play in the role of Regina on OUAT.

“It’s been a pure joy to play, playing the Evil Queen and playing the redeemed Regina, playing the young Regina, playing old hag, playing a version of Ursula when she was pretending to be her… playing the Regina who’s in love, playing the mother Regina. Yes. I never thought that I would ever have the opportunity to play all these characters on one show. It’s been an awesome journey,” she enthused.

You can watch video of the interview below. Join our Once Upon A Time forum for some live discussion tonight and if you want to see our other interviews from the red carpet, you can find them here.

Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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